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"One of the major reasons I believe I have been successful in establishing my own laboratory for the study of that I had fantastic, broad, and in-depth training from a tremendous number of pain-focused investigators at the University of Minnesota."
Cheryl Stucky, Ph.D. 1995; Professor, Medical College of Wisconsin

"The GPN provided me with the broad academic background and focused research experience that I needed to develop as a young scientist, and the enthusiasm of the faculty and other students created an exciting environment in which to begin my research career."
Bruno Averbeck, Ph.D. 2001; Unit Chief, National Institute of Mental Health

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Current Position

Joanna Abrams - 2008 St. Louis Community College
Science/Physical Education Departments
Sandra Alcala - 2009 U.S. House of Representatives
Legislative Assistant
Fatou Amar - 2015  
Therese Amos - 1993  
Brian Andersen - 2013 New York-Presyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center
Neurology Resident
Michelle Davies (Arnhold) - 2008 University of Wisconsin Superior
Departments of Neuroscience & Physiology
Associate Professor
Bruno Averbeck - 2001

National Institutes of Health
Principal Investigator

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Justin Barnes - 2011 Shire Pharmaceuticals
Medical Science Liaison
Alexandra Basford - 2008 Macmillan Science Communication
Assistant Publisher

Lisa Bellavance English - 1997


Kyle Biesecker - 2016

Just HealthTech, LLC
Founder & Principal Medical Writer

Rachael Blackman - 2013 Brown University,
Department of Psychiatry
Adult Psychiatry Residency Program
Murray Blackmore - 2005

Marquette University
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Assistant Professor

Krista Bluske - 2012 The Scripps Research Institute
Postdoctoral Researcher
Mark Brady - 1999 North Dakota State University
Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Katya Brunette - 2009 University of Nebraska Medical Center, Surgery Department
Research Tech 1
Terence Burns - 2007 Stanford University Medical Center
Neurosurgery Resident
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Bridget Campion - 2009 Covance, Inc
Medical Writer II
Liam Callahan - 2015  
Danita Carlson - 1993

Allina - Park Nicollet Clinic
MD - internal medicine and geriatrics

Erik Carlson - 2008 University of Washington
Acting Assistant Professor
Michelle Carter - 2000  
Ben Clark - 2009 University of Minnesota, IACUC
Office of the Vice President of Research
Research Support Manager 2
John Patrick (JP) Clark - 2004 University of California, San Francisco
Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
Assistant Adjunct Professor & Surgical Neurophysiologist
Nathan Connors - 2004 NCC Medical & Scientific Communications LLC
Owner/Medical Writer
Patricia Costello - 2003 Walden University
BS Psychology Program
Program Director
Samuel Cramer - 2014 University of Minnesota
Neurolgical Surgical Resident
Kevin Crisp - 2003 St. Olaf College
Biology Department and Neuroscience Program
Program Director, Associate Professor
David Crowe - 2001 Augsburg College
Department of Biology
Assistant Professor
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Robert Dado - 1992 Private Practice
Steve Davidson - 2009 University of Cincinnati
Assistant Professor of Anesthesiology
Nancy Day - 2011 UCLA
Stephanie A White Lab
Postdoctoral Fellow
Stacy Decker - 2012 Baylor College of Medicine
Postdoctoral Associate
Robert Dunbar - 2002 University of Minnesota - Rochester
Center for Learning Innovation
Associate Professor
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Kevin Engel - 2001 Hennepin County Medical Center
Chief of Ophthalmology
University of Minnesota
Department of Ophthalmology
Assistant Professor
Alan Ernst - 2001 University of Medicine and Health Sciences, St. Kitts Associate Professor
Rogene Eichler West - 1996 Brain Health Northwest, LLC
Clinical Neuroscientist and Founding Partner
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Erwin Ferri - 2009 Elsa Luis and Associates, LLC
Grant Writing Associate
Antonio Fortes - 2005 Millenium Capital Management
Senior Portfolio Manager
Dan Franc - 2008 UCLA
Department of Neurology
Ada Fraticelli - 2001 St. Mary's College of Maryland
Visiting Assistant Professor
Stephanie Fretham - 2010
Luther College
Assistant Professor
Joe Fullmer - 2004 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Department of Pathology
Clinical Instructor/Surgical Pathology Fellow MD?
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Marc Galeazza - 1994 IBM
Managing Consultant
Scott Gehler - 2004 Augustana College
Department of Biology
Assistant Professor
James Gielissen - 2009 St Paul College
Department of Biology
Adjunct faculty
Laura Gilchrist - 1996 St. Catherine University
Physical Therapy
Associate Professor
Virginia Goettl - 1996 The Ohio State University-Wexner Medical Center
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Experimental Therapeutics Research Laboratory
Research Associate
Jose Gomez - 2000 U.S. Navy
Pulminary and Critical Care Medicine
Timothy Gomez - 1995 University of Wisconsin - Madison
Waisman Center
Professor of Neuroscience
Cory Goracke-Postle - 2007 University of Minnesota
Office of the Vice President for Research
Associate Director, IACUC
Susan Griemel - 2014 University of Minnesota
Project Manager
Jack Grinband - 2002 Columbia University
Department of Neurology or Radiology
Assistant Professor
Rachel Groth - 2006 Centers for Therapeutic Innovation (Pfizer, Inc)
Principal Scientist
Ming Gu - 2007  
Eric Gustafson - 2009 University of Minnesota
Department of Physiology
Postdoctoral Associate
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Matthew Hagen - 2004 University of Cincinnati UC College of Medicine
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Assistant Professor
Maureen Handoko - 2012 Baylor College of Medicine
Pediatric Neurology
Resident-class of 2019
Charles Hanson - 2001  
Leah Hanson - 2001 HealthPartners Regions Hospital
Director of Center for Memory and Aging
Valerie Hedges - 2011 Northern Michigan University
Assistant Professor
Stephen Helms Tillery - 1994 Arizona State University
School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering
Associate Professor
Dori Henderson - 2001 University of Minnesota
MnDRIVE Program Manager
Angela Hewitt - 2013 Mayo Clinic - Child Neurology
Uta Herrmann - 1998  
Katherine Himes - 2007 American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, Science and Technology Policy Overseas Fellowship
Science and Technology Diplomacy Fellow
Abbey Holt - 2016  
Katie Howe (Mitschele) - 2010
Be The Match (National Marrow Donor Program)
Immunogenetic Operations and Research
Senior Search Strategist
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Marissa Iden Boulware - 2007 Medical College of Wisconsin
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Research Assistant II
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Jadin Jackson - 2006 Medtronic
Principal Scientist
Elizabeth Jansen - 1997 Macalester College
Biology - Mayo Innovation Scholars Program
Adjunct Assistant Professor
Trenton Jerde - 2004 New York University, Medtronic, University of Minnesota
Radiology, Minneapolis Institute of Arts
Research Assistant Professor, Consultant
Lisa Johanek - 2004 Medtronic
Principal Medical Affairs Specialist
Adam Johnson - 2008 Bethel University
Psychology Department
Assistant Professor
Nathan Jorgensen - 2007 Calamos Investments
U.S. Health Care
Senior Research Analyst
Lyric Jorgenson - 2005 Office of the Vice President, White House
Deputy Director of the Cancer Moonshot Task Force
National Institutes of Health
Deputy Director of the Office of Science Policy
William Jurney - 2001 Normandale Community College
Department of Biology
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Kristen Kallestad - 2009
University of Minnesota Medical Center, North Memorial Hospital
Family Medicine
Resident Physician
James Katter - 1993 Fairview Health Services
Family Practice
C. Dirk Keene - 2003 University of Washington
UW Medicine Pathology
MD and Assistant Professor
Lois Kehl - 1996 Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic, University of Minnesota
U of MN Department of Anesthesiology
DDS; TMJ & Orofacial Pain Management Specialist; Assistant Professor
Bruce Kennedy - 2016  
Stephen Kerrigan - 2014 VA Medical Center, Minneapolis,
Stanislav Kholmanskikh - 2002 Weill Cornell Medical College
Assistant Professor of Research
Holly Kordasiewicz - 2006
Isis Pharmaceuticals
Associate Director
Tess Kornfield - 2015 thredUP
Data Scientist
Marcos Kuroki - 2013 Pennsylvania State College of Medicine
Milton S Hershey Medical Center Program, General Surgery
MD, Surgery
Zeb Kurth-Nelson - 2009 University College London
Institute for Neurology
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Aaron Lambert - 2015 Harvard University
Mayo Clinic
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Laura Landers (Sherpetis) - 2000  
Fred Langheim - 2004 St. Mary's Hospital, Dean Health System,
UW School of Medicine and Public Health Madison, UW School of Medicine and Public Health
Department of Psychiatry
Medical Director C&L Psychiatry, Staff Psychiatrist, Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor
Erin Larson - 2006 University of Minnesota
Research Associate and Optogenetics Core Manager
Heather Leong - 2011 Oklahoma State University
Med School - student
Therissa Libby - 2005 Metropolitan State University
Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Assistant Professor
David Linden - 1999 Mayo Clinic - School of Medicine
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Assistant Professor, neurobiologist
Jessie Luoma - 2010 Stanford University
Postdoctoral Scholar 2011-2013
Jessica Lynch - 2006 Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Biologics Toxicology
Principal Scientist
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Carol Ma(Huifang) - 2006

University of Minnesota
School of Dentistry
student enrolled 2013

Chani Maher (Becker) - 2016  
Marcela Maldonado (Barajas) - 2009

Shire Biotechnology
Process Improvement Leader

Peter Malen - 1997 Viksnins Harris & Padys PLLP
Bonnie Marsick - 2010 ScienCell Research Laboratories
Media Production
Associate Director, Research Scientist
Anna Meehan-Enright - 2011  
Monica Metea - 2006 Smithers Viscient, Environmental Fate and Metabolism
Nancy Michael (Staffend) - 2012 University of Notre Dame - College of Science
Department of Biological Sciences
Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies Neuroscience and Behavior
Eric Miller - 2013 The University of Alabama at Birmingham
Post-Doctoral Fellow 2013-2014
Anusha Mishra - 2011 University College London
Division of Biosciences
Research Associate
Craig Moodie - 2014 Stanford University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Hannah Moser - 2013  
Leigh Ann Mrotek - 2005 University of Wisconsin Oshkosh
Kinesiology Department
Associate Professor and Chair
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Jennifer Nagode - 2003 Private Practice
Amy Naleid (MacDonald) - 2005 Wayzata Public Schools
SDC Program
CMS Social Worker
Thomas Naselaris - 2005 Medical University of South Carolina
Assistant Professor
Meredith Noetzel - 2009 Insight Genetics Inc
Quality and Regulatory Scientist I
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Scott Oakman - 1997 Hennipen County Medical Center, Regions Hospital
Hennepin-Regions Psychiatry Training Program
MD, Program Director
Catherine Ojakangas - 1992 University of Chicago
Assistant Professor, Research Associate
Cheryl Olman - 2003 University of Minnesota
CLA Psychology
Associate Professor
Timothy Olson - 2000 Interventional Spine Care
Anesthesiology, Pain Management
MD, Staff Physician
Xilma Ortiz-Gonzalez - 2004 The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Research Institute
Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine (CMEM)
MD, Project Director
Aaron Overland - 2010 University of California, San Diego
Department of Pharmacology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ed Overstreet - 2000 Overstreet Consulting, Neurelec/Oticon Medical
Product Management, FDA Regulatory Affairs and Advanced Product Development
President, Engineer
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Andrew Papale - 2015  
Marc Parent - 2010 Karolinska Institutet, Yale School of Medicine
Ann Parsons - 1996 University of Wisconsin - Stout
Biology Department
Rachel Penrod-Martin - 2012 McLean Hospital-Harvard Medical School
Neurobiology Laboratory, Psychiatry
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Claudio Perez-Leighton - 2012 University of Minnesota
Department of Food Science and Nutrition
Assistant Adjunct Professor
Judit Perez-Ortiz - 2016  
Brittni Peterson - 2016  
Marc Pisansky - 2016  
James Pomonis - 1998 American Preclinical Services
Director, Pharmacology Services
Nicholas Port - 1997 Indiana University
School of Optometry
Assistant Professor
Carl Potenzieri - 2009 National Institutes of Health
NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Health Program Specialist
Nate Powell - 2015

Joshua Puhl - 2011
University of British Columbia

University of Minnesota
CFANS Entomology
Postdoctoral fellow - Neural Systems and Behavior
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Anna Radke (Harrison) - 2011 Miami University, Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Robert Raike - 2004 Medtronic Neuromodulation, Emory University School of Medicine
Department of Pharmacology and Neurology
Principal Scientist, Postdoctoral Fellow
Paul Regier - 2015 University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Associate
Ken Reinert - 2006 University of Pittsburgh
Department of Neurobiology
Postdoctoral / Research Associate
Patrick Rothwell - 2010 University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Assistant Professor
Audrey Royer (Smith)- 2011 Writer
Mount Penguin Press
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Jose San Miguel-Ruiz - 2014 University of Minnesota
Catherine Satterfield - 2008 Hoya Vision Care
Territory Sales Manager
Michael Paul Schallmo - 2014 University of Washington
Department of Psychology
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Tiffany Schmidt - 2010 Northwestern University
Department of Neurobiology
Assistant Professor
Neil Schmitzer-Torbert - 2004 Wabash College
Associate Professor, Department Chair
Blaine Schneider - 2011 Spectranetics
Manager of Disease State Research
Cicely Schramm - 2010 Pfizer
Oncology Research Unit
Postdoctoral Fellow
Kristin Schreiber - 2004

Brigham and Women's Hospital
Anesthesia and Pain Management
MD, Anesthesiologist, Clinical Regional Fellow, Research Fellow

Katrina Schrode - 2014 Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Center for Hearing and Balance
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dan Schuster - 2013 WuXi AppTec
Custom Study Director
Sharad Shanbhag - 1999 Northeast Ohio Medical University
Research Assistant Professor
Jennifer Schumacher - 2010 3M
Research Specialist
Robert Shannon - 2012 3M
Research Scientist
Samuel Shuster - 1999 Neuromics, Inc.
Amila Silva - 1999 Kaiser Ontario Medical Center
MD, Chief of Ophthalmology
Lawrence Silvermintz - 2002 Software Engineer, Biomedical Inventor and Technical Writer
Romina Sosa - 2005 Baylor College of Medicine
Hematology and Oncology
Assistant Professor
Anja Srienc - 2015 University of Minnesota
Medical School Admin
Graduate School Fellow
Adam Steiner - 2014 MacArthur Foundation Research Network on Law and Neuroscience
Research Consultant
Chris Stern - 2010 L.E.K. Consulting
Senior Associate Consultant
Eric Stevens - 2007 Indianapolis, Indiana
MD, Ophthalmologist
Laura Stone - 1999 McGill University
Associate Professor
Laura Stone - 2014 University of Minnesota
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jeff Stott - 2015 Dartmouth
Cheryl Stucky - 1995 Medical College of Wisconsin
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
Professor, Director of Neuroscience Doctoral Program
Steve Sullivan - 2011 University College London
Postdoctoral Fellow
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Serena Thompson - 2009 Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Neurology
Andy Thorpe - 2004 GSK/Novartis
Regional Scientific Associate Director
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Yve Ulrich-Lai - 2002 University of Cinncinnati, Metabolic Diseases Institute
Psychiatry and Behavioral neuroscience
Associate Professor
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Britta Veitenheimer Rupp - 2013 Bard College
Citizen Science Program
Ruben Velazquez - 1998 Puerto Rico
Toby Velte - 1995 Amazon Web Services
Enterprise Account Executive
Tou Yia Vue - 2010 UT Southwestern Medical Center
Postdoctoral Fellow
Lucy Vulchanova - 1998 University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Assistant Professor
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Jon Waataja - 2007 EnteroMedics
Research Scientist
David Waid - 1997  

Guang Jian Wang - 1996

Scott Warren - 2016  
Jason Weick - 2005 University of New Mexico
Department of Neurosciences
Assistant Professor
Katherine Weiner (Fallen) - 2014 Medtronic
Heather Wenk - 2002  
Marcus Westerman - 2001 Park Nicollet-Melrose Center
Psychiatry, MD
Katie Wiens - 2006 Christopher Newport University
Molecular Biology, Neurobiology
Assistant Professor
Tim Wiggin - 2015 Brandeis University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Andrew Wikenheiser - 2014 NIDA intramural
Postdoctoral Associate
Cheri Williams - 1992 Oracle
Disk Storage Quality and Systems Engineering
Senior Director
Christy Willoughby - 2009 Zipfian Academy
Data Science Fellow
Emily Wozniak (Leathley) - 2016  
Cheryl Wotus - 2003 Seattle University
College of Engineering and Science
Associate ProfessorBiology
Shannon Wright - 2002 University of Minnesota
Integrative Biology/Physiology
MD Student Project Assistant
Wei Wu - 1992  
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Roberto Zayas - 2005 St Olaf College
Piper Center for Vocation and Career
Associate Director of Entrepreneurship, Faculty Advisor for Mayo Innovations Scholars, and Pre-Law Advisor
Anastasia Zink (Moody) - 2015  
Natalie Zlebnik - 2014 University of Maryland - School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow
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