Resources for Parents and Teachers

  • One of the overall best educational websites for kids ever, is the Neuroscience for Kids Website. This site provides a truly inexhaustible source of brain facts and projects for all grade levels.
  • The Dana Alliance, an organization dedicating to promoting Brain Awareness Week and education about the brain has a great web site for students and teachers alike. This link will lead you to lesson plans and classroom kits and videos about the brain that can be ordered
  • For more comparative neuroanatomy, try these websites:
  • For web surfers in pursuit of more about the brain, the Society for Neuroscience, the professional society for Neuroscientists that also sponsors Brain Awareness Week, maintains a list of links to many other Neuroscience resources.
  • To learn more about the Smithsonian's Brain Exhibit: "Brain: The World Inside Your Head" go to