GPN Colloquium Series

2017 - 2018 Schedule

Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Location: 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.

Spring Semester 2018


Speaker and Topic

Jan. 10 Benjamin Hayden - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Neuroscience of Economic Choice"
Jan. 17 Jen Cook
Advisor:  Lucy Vulchanova
"The complement 3a receptor in spinal cord injury"

Brian Sweis
Advisors:  Mark Thomas and David Redish
"Plasticity in the infralimbic to accumbens shell circuit augments neuroeconomic foraging but not deliberative valuations"

Jan. 24 Matthew Green
Advisor:  Stan Thayer
"HIV gp120 upregulates two types of inhibition through diverging mechanisms"
Jan. 31 Sarah Heilbronner - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Connectomics as a tool for translational neuroscience"
Feb. 7 MN State Brain Bee
Feb. 14 No Colloquium
Feb. 21 Caitlin Durkee
Advisor:  Alfonso Araque
"Astrocyte regulation of plasticity in the dorsolateral striatum"

Nora McCall
Advisor:  Kevin Wickman
"Selective Manipulation of Inhibitory Signaling in Dopamine Neurons of the Ventral Tegmental Area Alters Drug-
Related Behavior"
Feb. 28 Reshma Gore
Advisor:  Lucy Vulchanova
"Sex differences in TrkB activation in a model of neuropathic pain"

Elizabeth Moore
Advisor:  Geoffrey Ghose
"Attentional Effects on Visual Stimulus and Choice Processing in Brain Regions Using fMRI"
Mar. 7 Adele DeNicola
Advisor:  Matt Chafee
"Neural correlates of cognitive control deficits in MD thalamus and dlPFC"
Mar. 14 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 21 **Thesis Defense**
Kelsey Moore
Advisor:  Robert Meisel
"Investigation of glutamatergic circuitry underlying copulatory reward in female Syrian hamsters"
Mar. 28 Julia Gamache
Advisors:  Karen Ashe and Michael Koob
"Abnormal tau dynamics in novel precision-engineered mouse models of tauopathy"

Justin Lines
Advisor:  Alfonso Araque
"A cute lil story about synapse-specific regulation"
Apr. 4 Gordon Smith - GPN Faculty Candidate
Apr. 11 Morgan Newhoff
Advisor:  Karen Mesce
"Cellular Mechanisms of Ultrasound Neuromodulation"

Zoe Christenson Wick
Advisor:  Esther Krook-Magnuson
"A powerful and novel source of inhibition to the hippocampus"
Apr. 18 Amanda Barks
Advisor:  Michael Georieff
"The effect of iron deficiency on epigenetic modifiers in the hippocampus"

Austin Ferro
Advisor:  Marija Cvetanovic
"Bimodal function of astroglia in SCA1 disease"
Apr. 25 Rocio Gomez-Pastor - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Heat Shock Factor 1 degradation as a key pathway for Huntington's Disease intervention"
May 2 Balvindar Singh
Advisor:  Michael Lee

Janna Moen
Advisor:  Anna Lee
"Cell-specific manipulation of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor subunits in nicotine and alcohol reward"
May 9 No Colloquium - Final Exams
May 16 Mariah Wu
Advisor:  Stan Thayer
"HIV Tat modulates the endocannabinoid system"

Rebecca Speltz Paiz
Advisor:  Don Simone
"MMG22: a bivalent ligand that contains a MOR agonist and an mGluR5 antagonist exhibits potent antinociception without adverse effects"
May 23  
May 30 Amy Nippert
Advisor:  Eric Newman
"Regulation of Blood Flow in the Diabetic Brain"

Elias Boroda
Advisor:  Kelvin Lim
"Modulating Plasticity with tDCS"
June 6 Ian Cheong
Advisor:  Gulin Oz
June 13 Prakash Kara - GPN Faculty Candidate
"The spatial precision of neural and vascular circuits in the neocortex”
June 20 Alex Doyle
Advisor:  Matthew Johnson

Min-Yoon Park
Advisor:  Matt Chafee
"Neural correlates of category learning in the prefrontal-striatal network"
June 27 Cody Walters
Advisor:  David Redish
"Fear of the future:  Decision-making during naturalistic avoid-approach conflict"

Brendan Hasz
Advisor:  David Redish
"A Contingency-switching Task for Rats"

Fall Semester 2017


Speaker and Topic

Sept. 13 Eric Newman
"Glial cell regulation of blood flow in the brain: Fact or fantasy?"
Sept. 20 Michael Lee
"Neurodegeneration in mouse models of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease: Keys to disease modifying therapies"
Sept. 27 Marco Pravetoni - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Development of biologics to treat substance use disorders"
Oct. 4 Paul Iaizzo
"Monitoring the behaviors of the American black bear using implantable devices"
Oct. 11 Morris Smithberg Award Ceremony
  Michael Koob
"Developing Next-Generation Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases"
Oct. 18 Joseph Muretta - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Lysine acetylation tunes force generation by a mitotic kinesin upregulated in Gliomblastoma"
Oct. 25 Ann Parr
"Combinatorial therapy for spinal cord injury"
Nov. 1 John Osborn
"Peripheral neuromodulation of renal nerves for the treatment of hypertension"
Nov. 8 Brendan Dougherty - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Membrane-associated estrogen receptor signaling in spinal neuroplasticity"
Nov. 15 No Colloquium - SFN
Nov. 22 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 29 Jed Elison - GPN Faculty Candidate
"The Baby Connectome Project: Plans and Preliminary Data"
Dec. 6 Matthew Johnson
"On the right 'tract': current steering with deep brain stimulation therapy"
Dec. 13 Karen Echeverri
"Molecular mechanisms of spinal cord regeneration"
Dec. 20
No Colloquium - Final Exams