GPN Colloquium Series



Fall Semester 2018


Speaker and Topic

Sep. 12 Jocelyn Richard - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Neural circuits underlying the invigoration of reward seeking"

Steve Graves - GPN Faculty Candidate
Department of Pharmacology
"Methamphetamine, dopamine and substantia nigra pars compacta neurodegeneration"
Sep 19 Amanda Barks
Advisor:  Michael Georgieff
"Gene Expression and Regulation in the Iron Deficient Hippocampus"

Cheryl Olman
GPN Outreach

Sep. 26 Scott Sponheim - GPN Faculty Candidate
Department of Psychiatry
"Visual Perception and Schizophrenia"

Alik Widge - GPN Faculty Candidate
Department of Psychiatry
"Engineering Brain Circuit Connectivity: Brain Stimulation for Severe Mental Illness"
Oct. 3 Amy Nippert
Advisor: Eric Newman
"Neurovascular Coupling in Awake, Behaving Mice"

Janna Moen
Advisor: Anna Lee
"Cell-Specific Role of alpha6 Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors in Nicotine and Alcohol Reward"
Oct. 4
2-137 Jackson Hall
Katherine Tonn Eisinger - Thesis Defense
Advisor:  Paul Mermelstein
"Caveolin-1: Regulation by palmitoylation and importance for cocaine-induced behavior"
Oct. 10 Eyup Akgun - Medicinal Chemistry Department
"Combined glia inhibition and opioid receptor agonism afford highly potent analgesics without tolerance"

William Elmquist
"Impact of the BBB on Brain Tumor Treatment"
Oct. 17 Morris Smithberg Award Ceremony

Sanaz Khosravani
Advisor:  Jurgen Konczak 
"Neural correlates of dystonia"

Brendan Hasz
Advisor: David Redish
"Comparisons between Contingency Encoding in Prelimbic Cortex and CA1"
Oct. 24 Morgan Newhoff
Advisor:  Karen Mesce
"Exploring the actions of focused ultrasound on identified neurons"
Oct. 31 **Cancelled - No Colloquium**
Nov. 7 SFN
Nov. 14 Cody Walters
Advisor:  David Redish
"Representational dynamics underlying risky decision-making"

Ben Saunders - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Circuit mechanisms of cue-triggered motivation"

Nov. 16

2-520 Moos Tower
Kelsey Moore - Thesis Defense
Advisor:  Robert Meisel
"Investigation of Glutamatergic Circuitry Underlying Copulatory Reward in Female Syrian Hamsters"
Nov. 21 Thanksgiving
Nov. 28 Elias Boroda
Advisor: Kelvin Lim
 "Modulating plasticity using tDCS"

Martina Bazzaro
"Role of Microtubule Destabilizing Proteins in Neurodegenerative Diseases"
Dec. 5 TBD
Dec. 12 Harry Orr
“SCA1 – A Portal to PolyQ Pathogenesis”

Rocio Gomez-Pastor
"Excitatory synapses regulation in the adult brain"

Spring Semester 2018


Speaker and Topic

Jan. 10 Benjamin Hayden - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Neuroscience of Economic Choice"
Jan. 17 Jen Cook
Advisor:  Lucy Vulchanova
"The complement 3a receptor in spinal cord injury"

Brian Sweis
Advisors:  Mark Thomas and David Redish
"Plasticity in the infralimbic to accumbens shell circuit augments neuroeconomic foraging but not deliberative valuations"

Jan. 24 Matthew Green
Advisor:  Stan Thayer
"HIV gp120 upregulates two types of inhibition through diverging mechanisms"
Jan. 31 Sarah Heilbronner - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Connectomics as a tool for translational neuroscience"
Feb. 7 MN State Brain Bee
Feb. 14 No Colloquium
Feb. 21 Caitlin Durkee
Advisor:  Alfonso Araque
"Astrocyte regulation of plasticity in the dorsolateral striatum"

Nora McCall
Advisor:  Kevin Wickman
"Selective Manipulation of Inhibitory Signaling in Dopamine Neurons of the Ventral Tegmental Area Alters Drug-
Related Behavior"
Feb. 28 Reshma Gore
Advisor:  Lucy Vulchanova
"Sex differences in TrkB activation in a model of neuropathic pain"

Elizabeth Moore
Advisor:  Geoffrey Ghose
"Attentional Effects on Visual Stimulus and Choice Processing in Brain Regions Using fMRI"
Mar. 7 Julia Lemos - GPN Faculty Candidate
"How does a dysfunctional stress response system produce vulnerability to neuropsychiatric diseases?  Lessons from the CRF system"
Mar. 14 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 21 David Bond - GPN Faculty Candidate
 "Obesity as a risk factor for clinical and neurobiological illness progression in early-stage bipolar disorder"
Mar. 28 Julia Gamache
Advisors:  Karen Ashe and Michael Koob
"Abnormal tau dynamics in novel precision-engineered mouse models of tauopathy"

Justin Lines
Advisor:  Alfonso Araque
"Synapse-Specific Regulation is Revealed at Single Synapses"
Apr. 4 Gordon Smith - GPN Faculty Candidate
“Development of large-scale networks in visual cortex.”
Apr. 11 Zoe Christenson Wick
Advisor:  Esther Krook-Magnuson
"A powerful and novel source of inhibition to the hippocampus"
Apr. 18 Austin Ferro
Advisor:  Marija Cvetanovic
"Bimodal function of astroglia in SCA1 disease"
Apr. 19
Jennifer Zick - Thesis Defense
Advisors:  Theoden Netoff and Matthew Chafee
"Effective Disconnection of Intrinsic Networks in the Prefrontal Cortex: Convergence across Primate and Mouse Models of Schizophrenia"
**2-650 MoosT**
Apr. 25 Rocio Gomez-Pastor - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Heat Shock Factor 1 degradation as a key pathway for Huntington's Disease intervention"
May 2 No Colloquium
May 9 No Colloquium - Final Exams
May 16 Mariah Wu
Advisor:  Stan Thayer
"HIV Tat modulates the endocannabinoid system"

Rebecca Speltz Paiz
Advisor:  Don Simone and George Wilcox
"MMG22: a bivalent ligand that contains a MOR agonist and an mGluR5 antagonist exhibits potent antinociception without adverse effects"
May 23 Balvindar Singh
Advisor:  Michael Lee
"Pathological role of tau in alpha-synuclein dependent synaptic and memory deficits"
May 24
Brian Sweis - Thesis Defense
Advisors:  Mark Thomas and David Redish
"Beyond Simple Tests of Value: A neuroeconomic, translational, disease-relevant, and circuit-based approach to resolve the computational complexity of decision making"
2-137 Jackson Hall
12:00pm - 1:00pm
May 30 No Colloquium
June 1
Ian Cheong - Thesis Defense
Advisor:  Gulin Oz
"Noninvasive assessment of neurochemical biomarkers in humans with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis: correlates of clinical heterogeneity"
2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
2:00pm - 3:00pm
June 6 No Colloquium
June 13 Prakash Kara - GPN Faculty Candidate
"The spatial precision of neural and vascular circuits in the neocortex”
June 20 Alex Doyle
Advisor:  Matthew Johnson
"The role of the centromedian and pedunculopontine nuclei in motor function during naïve, parkinsonism and DBS conditions."
Min-Yoon Park
Advisor:  Matt Chafee
"Relational categorization with implicit rule switching"
July 25
Matthew Green - Thesis Defense
Advisor:  Stanley Thayer
"Neural adaptations following exposure to HIV proteins"
2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall
12:00pm - 1:00pm