GPN Colloquium Series

2017 - 2018 Schedule

Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Location: 2-101 Nils Hasselmo Hall

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.

Fall Semester 2017


Speaker and Topic

Sept. 13 Eric Newman
"Glial cell regulation of blood flow in the brain: Fact or fantasy?"
Sept. 20 Michael Lee
"Neurodegeneration in mouse models of Alzheimer's and Parkinson's disease: Keys to disease modifying therapies"
Sept. 27 Marco Pravetoni - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Development of biologics to treat substance use disorders"
Oct. 4 Paul Iaizzo
"Monitoring the behaviors of the American black bear using implantable devices"
Oct. 11 Morris Smithberg Award Ceremony
  Michael Koob
"Developing Next-Generation Mouse Models of Neurodegenerative Diseases"
Oct. 18 Joseph Muretta - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Lysine acetylation tunes force generation by a mitotic kinesin upregulated in Gliomblastoma"
Oct. 25 Ann Parr
"Combinatorial therapy for spinal cord injury"
Nov. 1 John Osborn
"Peripheral neuromodulation of renal nerves for the treatment of hypertension"
Nov. 8 Brendan Dougherty - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Membrane-associated estrogen receptor signaling in spinal neuroplasticity"
Nov. 15 No Colloquium - SFN
Nov. 22 No Colloquium - Thanksgiving Holiday
Nov. 29 Jed Elison - GPN Faculty Candidate
"The Baby Connectome Project: Plans and Preliminary Data"
Dec. 6 Matthew Johnson
"On the right 'tract': current steering with deep brain stimulation therapy"
Dec. 13 Karen Echeverri
"Molecular mechanisms of spinal cord regeneration"
Dec. 20
No Colloquium - Final Exams

Spring/Summer Semesters 2017


Speaker and Topic

Jan. 11 Dr. Amy Yang - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Synaptic transmission and plasticity in the developing brain and neurological disorders"
Jan. 18 Dr. Rocio Gomez-Pastor - Duke University
"Heat Shock Transcription Factor 1: A neuroprotective role in protein misfolding and Huntington´s Disease"
Jan. 25 Dr. Paramita Chakrabarty - University of Florida
"Towards defining immunoproteostasis in neurodegenerative diseases"
Feb. 1 Dr. Eva Aimable-Naumann - Harvard Biological Laboratories
"Neural circuits at the brain scale: The zebrafish optomotor response"
Feb. 8 MN State Brain Bee
Feb. 15 No Colloquium
Feb. 22 Brendan Hasz
"Uncertainty and Arbitration in Decision Making Systems"

Nora McCall
"GIRK channels in DA neurons: A barrier to addiction?"
Mar. 1 Dr. Martina Bazzaro - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Role of UNC-45A during growth cone extension".
Mar. 8 Martha Streng
"Climbing fiber activity during on line motor control"

Kellie Gross
"Mechanisms of group I mGluR structural plasticity in the nucleus accumbens"
Mar. 10
Vivek Nagaraj - Thesis Defense
"Optimizing electrical stimulation for seizure disorders"
Jackson Hall 2-137
Mar. 15 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 22 Dr. Francis Shen - GPN Faculty Candidate
"The Neuroscientific Analysis of Law"
Mar. 29 Zoe Christenson-Wick
"Cracking inhibitory circuits in the healthy and epileptic hippocampus"

Michelle Corkrum
"Astrocytes mediate dopaminergic signaling in the nucleus accumbens core"
Apr. 5 Zach Zeidler
"Cognitive outcomes of optogenetic seizure intervention in epileptic mice"

Katherine Tonn
"Exploring the role of Caveolin-1 in cocaine-induced behavior"
Apr. 12 Anna Ingebretson
"Dopamine and endocannabinoid modulation of cocaine-evoked synaptic plasticity"

Jen Cook
"Complement 3a receptor in dorsal horn microglia mediates pronociceptive neuropeptide signaling"
Apr. 19 Liz Moore
"How can we induce lasting behavioral improvements? Visual Perceptual Learning in V4"
Apr. 26 Rebecca Speltz-Paiz
"MMG22: The Benefits of Combining a MOR agonist with an mGluR5 antagonist for Analgesia"

Justin Lines
"In-vivo Imaging of Sensory Evoked Astrocyte Activity"
May 3 Adele DeNicola
"Characterizing the neural correlates underlying cognitive control in the MD, ACC, and dlPFC"
May 10 No Colloquium - Final Exams
May 17 **Jackson Hall 2-137**
Brian Sweis
"Chronic drug use and relapse changes the algorithms underlying valuation in decision-making"

Morgan Newhoff
"An Investigation into the Cellular Mechanisms Underlying Ultrasonic Neuromodulation"
May 24 Min-Yoon Park
"Neural correlates of category learning in the prefrontal-parietal network"

Elias Boroda
"Modulating Cortical Plasticity with Transcranial Current Stimulation"
May 31 Kelsey Moore
"Investigation of glutamatergic circuitry underlying copulatory reward of sexual behavior in female Syrian hamsters"

Ian Cheong
"Spectroscopic Biomarkers of Brain Pathology for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis"
June 7 Balvindar Singh
"Alpha-synuclein induced synaptic changes in Parkinson's disease"
June 14 Amanda Barks
"A transcriptomic analysis of the iron deficient hippocampus"

Melissa Asher
June 21 Julia Gamache
"Uncovering the role of genetic variation in the pathogenesis of tauopathies: An early molecular phenotype"

Derek Dziobek
"Eye Movements and the Cerebellum"
June 28 **2-137 Jackson Hall**
Dr. Phu Tran - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Iron deficiency anemia, neurodevelopment and epigenetics"
July 5 **2-137 Jackson Hall**
Dr. Keith Vossel - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Epileptic Activity in Alzheimer's Disease: Mechanisms, Biomarkers, and Therapies"
July 12 Dr. Bernadette Gillick - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Neuromodulation and neurorehabilitation in Children with Stroke"
Aug. 9 Dr. Andrew Grande - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Finding new treatments for stroke: neuroprotection vs neuroregeneration"
Aug 11
Martha Streng - Thesis Defense
"Encoding and control of motor prediction and feedback in the cerebellar cortex"
**2-137 Jackson Hall**
Aug. 23 Dr. Sophia Vinogradov - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Cognitive training in early psychotic illness: Pre-empting cognitive and neural deterioration"
**2-530 Moos Tower**
Aug. 30 Dr. Kathryn Cullen - GPN Faculty Candidate
"Neurobiological Research in Adolescent Depression and Self-Injury"
**2-530 Moos Tower**