GPN Colloquium Series

Time: 12:00 noon - 1:00 p.m.
Location: Zoom

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.


Fall Semester 2020


Speaker and Topic

Sep. 16 Janna Moen
Advisor: Anna Lee

Martina Bazzaro
"UNC-45A is microtubule (MT) severing protein in and a molecular target for Alzheimer's disease (AD)."
Sep 23 Haleigh Mulholland
Advisor: Gordon Smith
"Optogenetic modulation of developing networks in visual cortex"

Andrew Venteicher
"Epigenetic heterogeneity in human CNS tumors and clues into developmental origin"

Sep. 30 Megan Monko
Advisor: Sarah Heilbronner
"Structural and functional connectivity of the posteromedial cortex"

Cheryl Olman
"Engagement 2020/2021"
Oct. 7 Awards
  Carrie Sheeler
Advisors: Marija Cvetanovic and Harry Orr
"SCA1 in hiPSC-derived Motor Neurons"

Zhe Chen
Oct. 14 Alexandra Scott
Advisor: Jocelyn Richard
"Ventral Pallidal GABAergic Neurons in Cue Elicited Reward Seeking"

Emilia Lefevre - Postdoc Rothwell lab
"Morphine on the brain: Patterns matter"
Oct. 21 Natalie Lopresti
Advisor:  Paul Mermelstein
"Sex differences in morphine reward"

Danni Li
Oct. 28 SFN - TBD
Nov. 4 Amy Nippert
Advisor:  Eric Newman

Aleta Steevens - Postdoc Low lab
"NeuroD1-mediated Astrocyte to Neuron Reprogramming and Neuroprotection following Traumatic Brain Injury"
Nov. 11 Nolan Trevino
Advisor: Lihsia Chen
"A non-developmental neuronal role for L1-CAMs"

Thomas Bastian
"Iron Deficiency and Neurodevelopment - Potential Targets for Intervention from Pre-Clinical Models"
Nov. 18 Roman Tyshynsky
Advisors:  Lucy Vulchanova and John Osborn, Jr.
"Periglomerular Afferent Fibers in the Renal Cortex"

Laura Stone
"Low back pain and epigenetics: from the periphery to the CNS"
Nov. 27 Thanksgiving
Dec. 2 Cody Walters
Advisor: David Redish
 "Representational dynamics underlying risky decision-making"

Suhasa Kodandaramaiah
"Neurotechnologies for neural sensing at multiple scales"
Dec. 9 Colum MacKinnon
“Neuroplasticity in early Parkinson's disease”

Scott Thompson

Spring Semester 2020


Speaker and Topic

Jan. 22 3-125 Mayo
Maria Linn-Evans 
Advisor: Colum MacKinnon
"Neural Correlates of Rigidity Enhancement in Parkinson's Disease"

Carlee Toddes
Advisor: Patrick Rothwell
"Mu opioid receptor modulation of social behavior."
Jan. 29 Sarah West
Advisor: Timothy Ebner
"Mesoscopic imaging of the mouse cerebral cortical network dynamics during locomotion"

Roman Tyshynsky
Advisors: Lucy Vulchanova and John Osborn Jr.
"Periglomerular Afferents May Function in a Novel Sympathoexcitatory Reflex"

Feb. 5 Mariah Wu
Advisor: Stanley Thayer
"HIV Tat selectively impairs CB1 receptor-mediatd presynaptic inhibition at excitatory but not inhibitory synapses"

Alex Doyle
Advisor: Matthew Johnson
"Changes in Gait with the onset of Parkinsonism in a freely-moving non-human primate"
Feb. 12 MN State Brain Bee
Feb. 19 Adriana Cushnie
Advisor: Sarah Heilbronner
"Characterizing the Anatomical and Functional Connectivity of the Salience Network "
  Paloma Gonzalez Belido - Ecology, Evolution and Behavior
"Target classification by the aerial predator Laphria saffrana"
Feb. 26 Justin Lines
Advisor: Alfonso Araque
"Astrocytes modulate sensory-evoked neuronal network activity"
  Austin Ferro
Advisors: Marija Cvetanovic and Alfonso Araque
"Putative roles of astroglia in SCA1"
Mar. 4 Julia Lemos
"Dissecting the actions of corticotropin releasing factor (CRF) in the nucleus accumbens"
Mar. 11 No Colloquium - Spring Break
Mar. 18 Alexandra Scott
Advisor: Jocelyn Richard
"The role of Ventral Pallidal GABAergic Neurons in Cue Elicited Reward Seeking"

Haleigh Mulholland
Advisor: Gordon Smith
"Optogenetic modulation of large-scale networks in developing neocortex"
Mar. 25 Priyanka Mehta
Advisor: Ben Hayden
"Changes of neural subspace in vmPFC guide transitions during a foraging task"

Tyler Cash-Padgett
Advisor: Ben Hayden
"Latent orbitofrontal cortex dynamics underlying value-based decision making"
Apr. 1 Chloe Cable
Advisor: Eric Newman
"Glial Modulation of Electrical Synapses"
  Reshma Gore
Advisor: Lucy Vulchanova
"BDNF and TrKB expression in spinal cord following nerve injury"
Apr. 8 Margot DeBaker
Advisors: Anna Lee and Kevin Wickman
"Dissecting the influence of D2 dopamine and GABAB receptor signaling pathways in ventral tegmental area dopamine neurons on drug-induced behavior"

Armani Del Franco
Advisor: Eric Newman
"Norepinephrine Modulation of Extracellular Space and Synaptic Transmission in the Medial Prefrontal Cortex"
Apr. 15 Hillary Handler
Advisor: Harry Orr
"Establishing a Molecular Model of Premature Lethality in SCA1"
  Carrie Sheeler
Advisors: Marija Cvetanovic and Harry Orr
"Ataxin1 Expression and Phosphorylation in Mouse and Human Motor Neurons: Assessing a Potential Therapeutic Target"
Apr. 22 Melissa Asher
Advisor: Stanley Thayer
"A functional endocannabinoid system in human iPSC-derived neurons"
  Dieter Brandner
Advisor: Patrick Rothwell
"Behavioral sensitivity to opioids in neuroligin-3 knockout mice"
Apr. 24
Advisor: Matthew Chafee
"Dynamic routing of information between neural populations mediates cognitive control in primate prefrontal local circuits"
Zoom Webinar only
Apr. 29 Wenhui Qu
Advisor: Ling Li
“TREM2 deficiency sustains cognitive functions and synaptic plasticity during aging"

Nicole Zarate
Advisor: Rocio Gomez-Pastor
"The Role of Heat Shock Factor 1 (HSF1) in excitatory synapse dysfunction in Huntington’s Disease"
May 6
Timothy Monko
Advisor: Yasushi Nakagawa
"Regulation of neurogenesis by thalamocortical axons and microglia"
  Bethany Stieve
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson
"Bayesian optimization of seizure-intervention"
May 29
Rebecca Speltz Paiz      THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor:  Donald A. Simone
"MMG22: A Novel Bivalent Ligand for the Treatment of Neuropathic Pain"
Zoom Webinar only
June 17
Amanda Barks      THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor:  Michael Georgieff
"The effect of developmental iron deficiency on gene expression, TET proteins, and DNA hydroxymethylation in the rodent brain"
Zoom Webinar only
June 19
Advisor:  Stanley Thayer
"Modulation of the endocannabinoid system by HIV Tat protein"
Zoom Webinar only
August 5
Zachary Zeidler      THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor:  Esther Krook-Magnuson
"Site-specific hippocampal modulation in disease and health:  temporal lobe epilepsy and cerebello-hippocampal influence"
Zoom Webinar only
August 6
Advisor:  Benjamin Hayden
Co-Advisor:  Sarah Heilbronner
"Neural basis for the use and update of cognitive maps"
Zoom Webinar only
August 7
Michael Yoo      THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor:  Benjamin Hayden
"Untangling theory as a theoretical framework for understanding the functions of brain systems dedicated to economic decision-making"
Zoom Webinar only
August 26
Morgan Newhoff      THESIS DEFENSE
Advisor:  Karen Mesce
"An investigation of the cellular mechanisms underlying ultrasound neuromodulation"
Zoom Webinar only