Student Awards and Scholarships:

Bacaner Research Award
This award was established by Dr. Marvin Bacaner, Professor of Physiology, in memory of his parents Jacob and Minnie Bacaner. The award is given through the Minnesota Medical Foundation to recognize excellence in creative research.

Sping and Ying Ngoh Lin Award
In deep gratitude for the opportunities the University of Minnesota and this country gave them, the Lins established this fellowship to encourage and support graduate students pursuing a Ph.D. degree in basic neuroscience in this Medical School.

Morris Smithberg Memorial Prize
The Morris Smithberg Memorial Prize is presented annually to the outstanding first year student in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. The Prize is awarded to the student who has the best performance in the first year core courses and on the comprehensive written exam given at the end of the first year.

Stark Award for Advanced Scholarship
The goals of the Stark Award are to support students in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience 1) during advanced training in a specific technique in a laboratory in the U.S. or abroad, 2) training in a formal course such as those given at Woods Hole, or 3) for travel to a small, specialty conference.

Best Dissertation Award
Each year the Graduate School recognizes the University's top recent Ph.D. graduates by presenting 'best dissertation' awards.  The recipients receive an honorarium of $1,000.

Poppele Prize
The Richard Poppele Prize is a tribute to Dr. Poppele, an outstanding member of the neuroscience community, scientist and a founder of the GPN. The intent of the Prize is to reward and honor GPN graduate students who exhibit research independence and excellence by successfully obtaining an individual NRSA grant from NIH. The award is in the amount of $1000.  The award will be made upon submission of a copy of the Notice of Grant Award to the chair of the Awards Committee.

Faculty Awards:

Faculty Mentorship Award
The awards committee has created a new annual award, which will recognize an outstanding faculty member in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience.