A. David Redish, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Neuroscience

Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellow for 2003 - 2005

E-MAIL: redish@umn.edu

Personal Webpage: http://redishlab.neuroscience.umn.edu/

Research Interests:

Modern neuroscience sees the brain as an information-processing device. Understanding how the brain processes information requires understanding the representations used by the network of neurons that compose the brain. However, representations in the brain are distributed: each cell carries only a small portion of the total information. I am interested in questions of how neural structures work together to create systems able to accomplish behavioral tasks.

Our primary current projects are in the interaction between multiple learning systems (such as hippocampus, cortex, and striatum) in the ability to make decisions, particularly deliberative decisions. We have ongoing neurophysiological projects examining the dynamics of neural ensembles
during decision-making processes, computational projects examining
the implications of these processes on addiction and other decision-making dysfunctions, and engineering projects developing new recording systems.

Selected Publications:

(For a comprehensive list of recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.)

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A. D. Redish. "Beyond the Cogntive Map: From Place Cells to Episodic Memory" (MIT Press) 1999.

Current Graduate Students:

Cody Walters (Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Brendan Hasz (Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Former Graduate Students:

Andrew Papale (Ph.D. 2015, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Paul Regier (Ph.D. 2015, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Jeff Stott (Ph.D. 2015, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Nate Powell (Ph.D. 2015, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Andrew Wikenheiser (Ph.D. 2014, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Adam Steiner (Ph.D. 2014, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Adam Johnson (Ph.D. 2008, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Jadin Jackson (Ph.D. 2006, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Neil Schmitzer-Torbert (Ph.D. 2004, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).