Michelle Corkrum

Entering Class - 2014

Member of MSTP (MD/PhD) program

E-MAIL: mcorkrum@umn.edu

Undergraduate Institution And Major:

Wellesley College, BA, Neuroscience, 2012


Alfonso Araque, Ph.D., Department of Neuroscience

Thesis Committee Members:

Description of Graduate Research:

My project aims to investigate the role of astrocytes in cocaine addiction. Traditionally, astrocytes have been viewed as passive players in brain function; however, astrocytes actively regulate synaptic transmission and plasticity. My project examines the effects of cocaine on astrocyte-neuron interactions in the nucleus accumbens, a primary brain region implicated in addiction.

Research Categories:

  • Drug Abuse & Addiction
  • Synaptic Plasticity & Learning

Graduate Level Awards And Honors:

  • American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Life Members
    Mentorship Grant for Medical Students, 2015.
  • American Psychiatric Association Minority Medical Student Scholarship: Annual Meeting, 2015.
  • National Institute of Mental Health MD/PhD student conference travel award, 2014.


Other Committee Involvement:

  • MSTP (MD/PhD) Student Admissions Committee, 01/15-Present
  • MSTP (MD/PhD) Retreat Planning Committee, 08/12-08/15
  • MSTP (MD/PhD) Volunteer Committee, 08/14-08/15
  • MSTP (MD/PhD) Newsletter Committee, 08/14-08/15
  • Psychiatry Student Interest Group, Chair, 08/13-05/14
  • MSTP (MD/PhD) Student Advisory Committee 06/12-06/13

Professional Outreach:

  • St Paul Public Library Reading Tutor, 08/14-05/15
  • University of MN Student National Medical Association Pre-med mentor, 08/13-05/14

Why Did You Choose MN?

I was confident that Minnesota would provide the best training for my ultimate career goal of becoming a successful, independent physician-scientist.

Student Mentor And The Best Advice They Gave:

Anja Srienc: All of Anja's advice was helpful!




Michelle Corkrum