Robert Dunbar

Ph.D. 2002

Thesis Title:

Imaging Two Functional Architectures and Their Interaction in the Mouse Cerebellar Cortex in vivo Using the pH Sensitive Dye Neutral Red

Current Position:

Associate Professor, Center for Learning Innovation, University of Minnesota - Rochester.

Major Advisor(s):

Selected Publications:

  • Dunbar, R. L., Nichols, M.D.” An Integrated Approach to Fostering Empathy in Undergraduate Health Science Majors:  Facilitating Student Awareness of the Balance Between Objectivity and Subjectivity in the Anatomy Class Room.” Anatomical Sciences Education, Accepted 2012 (Equal contributions from both authors)
  • Aryal, B., Dunbar, R.L., Muthyala, R.S. “Assessment of Group Learning in Interdisciplinary Environments”.  Proceedings of the 2012 National Association for Research in Science Teaching Annual Meeting, 2012. (Co-developed course materials, contributed to analysis, co-wrote paper)
  • Dunbar, R.L. “Integrative courses: anatomy and beyond.”  Anatomical Sciences Education, 3(2):73-6, 2010. (Sole author)
  • Berglund, K., Dunbar, R.L., Lee, P., Feng, G., and Augustine, G.J.  “A Practical Guide: Imaging Synaptic Inhibition with Clomeleon, a Genetically Encoded Chloride Indicator.”  Imaging in Neuroscience and Development: A Laboratory Manual, eds. A. Konnerth, F. Lanni, and R. Yuste, Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory Press, 2005. (Performed experiments, contributed to writing and figure generation.)
  • Dunbar, R.L., Chen, G., Gao, W., Reinert, K.C., Feddersen, R., and Ebner, T.J.  “Imaging Parallel Fiber and Climbing Fiber Responses and Their Short-term Interactions in the Mouse Cerebellar Cortex in vivo.” Journal of Neuroscience, 126(1):213-27, 2004.  (Performed all experiments and generated paper.)
  • Reinert, K.C., Dunbar, R.L., Gao, W., Chen, G., and Ebner, T.J.  Flavoprotein Autofluorescence Imaging of Neuronal Activation in the Cerebellar Cortex in vivo.  Journal of Neurophysiology,  2004 Jul;92(1):199-211. Epub 2004 Feb 25. (Performed preliminary data collection.)
  • Gao, W., Dunbar, R.L., Chen, G., Reinert, K.C., Oberdick, J., and Ebner, T.J.  “Optical Imaging of Long-term Depression in the Mouse Cerebellar Cortex in vivo.”  Journal of Neuroscience, 23(5):1859-1866, 2003. (Contributed to experimental design and participated in basic data collection.)
  • Groth, R.D., Dunbar, R.L., and Mermelstein, P.G.  "Calcineurin Regulation of Neuronal Plasticity.”  Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications, 311(4):1159-1171, 2003.  (Contributed portion on cellular plasticity.)
  • Chen, G., Dunbar, R.L., Gao, W., and Ebner, T.J.  “The Role of Calcium, Glutamate Neurotransmission, and Nitric Oxide in Spreading Acidification and Depression in the Cerebellar Cortex.”  Journal of Neuroscience, 21(24):9877-9887, 2001. (Performed ancillary experiments and contributed basic background information.)
  • Chen, G., Hanson, C.L.P., Dunbar, R.L., and Ebner, T.J.  “Novel Form of Spreading Acidification and Depression in the Cerebellar Cortex Demonstrated by Neutral Red Optical Imaging.”  Journal of Neurophysiology, 81: 1992-8, 1999.  (Performed ancillary experiments and contributed basic background information.)
Robert Dunbar