Qualifying Round Instructions

Computerized Qualifying Round

BlackBag Instructions:

NOTE that we are using the BlackBag system developed at the University of Minnesota Medical School to administer the test. The following are the updated instructions.

  • Turn off any popup blocking software on your computer (there are many types of popup-blockers, too many to include specific instructions for each one). You should not need to add any media players for this test.
  • To enter the qualifying round testing site, go to: https://blackbag.d.umn.edu/
  • Click on the maroon and gold University of Minnesota banner to log in.
    Maroon and gold banner image
  • Enter the Username and Password provided by the Brain Bee registration system.
  • There are two options on the resulting page. At the top is the "Brain Bee Qualifier". This is the actual test and will be available at the time assigned to your school. Below that is the "Practice Quiz for Brain Bee". We highly recommend that you try this one ahead of time to become familiar with the way the quiz works.
  • The computerized qualifying round for the Minnesota Brain Bee consists of a timed, 60 minute, 90 question, multiple choice test. There are 3 buttons on each question page. Clicking "Save Response" will save the currently selected answer, and remain on that question. Clicking on "Next Question" will also save your selected answer, and will move to the next question. The check mark in the right hand grid will appear when you have saved a response for that question. You can change your answer at any time --- just be sure to hit "Save Response" again. When you are ready to submit your test, click on the "Submit Exam for Grading" button.  The next screen lets you know if you've left any questions unanswered (look for the big red number), and gives you a chance to return to the test to answer any that you missed. When you are sure you're set to turn it in, click the check box ("Check to confirm submission") and then the "Submit" button.
  • The top 30 students from this qualifying round will be contacted and given the opportunity to participate in the Minnesota State Brain Bee that will be held on the Minneapolis campus of the University of Minnesota. 

Good luck, and thank you for participating in the Minnesota State Brain Bee!