Career Facilitation Committee

Mission Statement
We support neuroscience graduate student career development by providing resources and events to help identify and pursue career goals.


Inform graduate students about various career options with online resources, networking opportunities, and invited speakers.

Build connections between GPN students and local PhD’s who are working in relevant careers.

Prepare GPN students for the next step.

  1. For academic careers: Workshops and guest speakers to help students prepare for a high-tier post-doc and start planning for entry-level faculty positions.
  2. For non-academic careers: Workshops and guest speakers to help students start translating their skill-sets and prepare for the job application/interview process.

(Goes here -will contain a calendar of events for the year)

Career Resources
We have compiled a list of resources and information about a few careers that you could pursue with a PhD in neuroscience. Click on the ‘Career Resources’ tab on the left to explore!

Committee Members
Got a career you’d like to see more about? Questions about careers? Feedback? Please don’t hesitate to contact us:

Faculty Representatives
Dr. Harry Orr (chair) is a Professor in the Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology as well as the Director of the Institute for Translational Neuroscience.

Dr. Jan Dubinsky is a Professor in the Department of Neuroscience who is involved in undergraduate neuroscience teaching and community outreach.

Dr. Lorene Lanier is an Associate Professor in the Department of Neuroscience who is the Course Director of GPN Career Skills and the Director of Undergraduate Studies for Neuroscience.

Dr. Bob Meisel is a Professor in the Department of Neuroscience who is the involved in the teaching and training of graduate students and undergraduates.

Dr. Paul Iaizzo is a Professor in the Surgery Department involved in graduate student training as well as teaching business development.

Student Representatives
Kyle Biesecker is a 5th year GPN student who is interested in strategy, product development, and marketing in the biotechnology industry. In addition to his thesis research, Kyle works part-time as a marketing and strategy consultant for local businesses.

Bruce Kennedy is a 5th GPN student who is interested in academic research as well as university and training program administration. He has been involved in multiple seminar committees and is currently co-student representative on the GPN steering committee.

Brittni Peterson is a 5th year GPN student who is interested in interactions among academia, business and industry. Recently she has participated in consulting and technology commercialization internships both on campus and at local biomedical technology companies.

Nathalia Torres Jimenez is a 4th year GPN student interested in utilizing her science and analytical skills to make decisions affecting finance and business strategy of a company. She has participated as class representative for the GPN student board and attained a consulting internship through APDCC with Medgineering.

Scott Warren is a 7th year MD/PhD student in the GPN who intends to pursue research and clinical practice in academia.