Ada Fraticelli

M.S. 2001

Thesis Title:

Assessment of Factors Modulating Adrenal Regeneration in Rodents

Current Position:

Instructor, Universidad de Puerto Rico

Visiting Assistant Professor, St. Mary's College of Maryland

Major Advisor(s):

William Engeland, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Y.M. Ulrich-Lai, A.I. Fraticelli and W.C. Engeland (2003). Capsaicin-sensitive nerve fibers: a potential extra-ACTH mechanism participating in adrenal regeneration in rats. Microscopic Research Techniques. 61(3):252-258.
  • Fraticelli AI, Spielmann RC, Engeland WC & Levay-Young BK. (1998) Regulation of p75kip2 and steroidogenic enzyme mRNA during adrenal regeneration. Endocr Res. 24:975-976.
Ada Fraticelli