Leah Hanson

Ph.D. 2001

Thesis Title:

Coding of Pheromonal Information in the Goldfish Olfactory Bulb

Current Position:

Director, Center for Memory and Aging, HealthPartners Regions Hospital,
St. Paul, MN

Major Advisor(s):

Peter Sorensen, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Whitebird RR, Kreitzer MJ, Crain AL, Lewis BA, Hanson LR, Enstad CJ.  Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction for Family Caregivers: A Randomized Controlled Trial. Gerontologist, in press.
  • Renner DB, Svitak AL, Frey WH 2nd, Hanson LR.  Intranasal delivery of insulin via the olfactory nerve pathway.  Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmacology, in press.
  • Fine JM, Baillargeon AM, Renner DB, Hoerster NS, Tokarev J, Colton S, Pelleg A, Andrews A, Sparley KA, Krogh KM, Frey WH 2nd, Hanson LR.  Intranasal deferoxamine improves performance in radial arm water maze, stabilizes HIF-1α, and phosphorylates GSK3β in P301L tau transgenic mice.  Experimental Brain Research 2012 Jun; 219(3): 381-390. Epub 2012 May 1.  PMID:22547371
  • Renner D, Frey WH 2nd, Hanson LR, Intranasal delivery of siRNA to the olfactory bulbs of mice via the olfactory nerve pathway, Neuroscience Letters 2012 Apr 4; 513(2):193-197. Epub 2012 Feb 22. PMID:22387067
  • Wolf DA, Hanson LR, Aronovich EL, Nan Z, Low WC, Frey WH 2nd , McIvor RS, Lysosomal enzyme can bypass the blood-brain barrier and reach the CNS following intranasal administration, Molecular Genetics and Metabolism 2012 May; 106(1): 131-134. Epub 2012 Feb 10.  PMID:22420937.
  • Hanson LR, Fine JM, Hoekman JD, Nguyen TM, Burns RB, Martinez PM, Pohl J, Frey WH 2nd, Intranasal delivery of growth/differentiation factor 5 to the central nervous system.  Drug Delivery 2012 Apr; 19(3): 149-154.  Epub 2012 Feb 22. PMID:22353012.
  • Martinez JA, Kasamatsu M, Rosales-Hernandez A, Hanson LR, Frey WH 2nd, Toth CC, Comparison of central versus peripheral delivery of pregabalin in neuropathic pain states.  Molecular Pain 2012 Jan; 11;8:3.  PMID:22236461
  • Hanson LR, Fine JM, Renner DB, Svitak AL, Burns RB, Nguyen TM, Tuttle NJ, Marti DL, Panter SS, Frey WH 2nd, Intranasal delivery of deferoxamine reduces spatial memory loss in APP/PS1 mice. Drug Delivery and Translational Research 2(3): 160-168.  DOI: 10.1007/s13346-011-0050-2
  • Liu Z, Li Y, Zhang L, Xin H, Cui Y, Hanson LR, Frey WH 2nd, Chopp M.  Subacute intranasal administration of tissue plasminogen activator increases functional recovery and axonal remodeling after stroke in rats.  Neurobiology of Disease 2012 Feb; 45(2): 804-809. Epub 2011 Nov 15. PMID: 22115941.
  • Gomez D, Martinez JA, Hanson LR, Frey WH 2nd, Toth C.  Intranasal treatment of neurodegenerative Diseases and Stroke.  Frontiers in Bioscience 2012 Jan 1; 4: 74-89.  PMID: 22202044
Leah Hanson