Cheryl Olman

Ph.D. 2003

Thesis Title:

Natural image coding in early visual areas: functional magnetic resonance imaging and psychophysical studies of the human visual system

Current Position:

Associate Professor
Departments of Psychology and Radiology
University of Minnesota – Twin Cities

Major Advisor(s):

Selected Publications:

  • Olman, C. A., Harel, N., Feinberg, D., He, S., Zhang, P., Ugurbil, K., & Yacoub, E. (2012). Layer-specific FMRI reflects different neuronal computations at different depths in human V1.  PLoS ONE 7(3):e32536.
  • +Seo, D., Olman, C. A., Haut, K. M., Sinha, R., MacDonald, A. W., & Patrick, C. J. (under revision). Neural Correlates of Preparatory and Regulatory Control Over Positive and Negative Emotion. Submitted to Social, Cognitive and Affective Neuroscience, October 2011.
  • Olman, C. A. &Yacoub, E. (2011). High-field fMRI for human applications: an overview of spatial resolution and signal specificity. Open NeuroImaging Journal 5:74-89.
  • †Schumacher, J. F., Quinn, C. F., & Olman, C. A. (2011). An exploration of the spatial scale over which orientation-dependent surround effects affect contour detection.  Journal of Vision, 11(8), 12.
  • Olman C. A., +Pickett, K. J., †Schallmo, M.-P., & Kimberley, T. J. (2011). Selective BOLD responses to individual finger movement measured with fMRI at 3T. Human Brain Mapping, Epub June 14, 2011.
  • White, T. J., Schmidt, M., Moeller, S., & Olman, C. (2011).  Evidence for intact local connectivity but disrupted regional function in the occipital lobe in children and adolescents with schizophrenia.  Human Brain Mapping. Epub June 14, 2011.
  • †Schumacher, J. F., †Thompson, S. K., & Olman, C. A. (2011).  Contrast response functions for single Gabor patches: ROI-based analysis over-represents low-contrast patches for GE BOLD.  Frontiers in Systems Neuroscience, 5:19.
  • Olman C. A., Van de Moortele, P.-F., †Schumacher, J. F., Guy, J. R., Ugurbil, K., & Yacoub, E. (2010).  Retinotopic mapping with spin echo BOLD at 7T.  Magnetic Resonance Imaging, 28(9), 1258-1269.
  • †Schumacher, J. F. & Olman, C. A. (2010).  High-resolution BOLD fMRI measurements of local orientation-dependent contextual modulation show a mismatch between predicted V1 output and local BOLD response.  Vision Research, 50(13), 1214-1224.
  • Moeller, S., Yacoub, E., Olman, C. A., Auerbach, E., Strupp, J., Harel, N., & Ugurbil, K. (2010). Multi-band multi-slice GE-EPI at 7 Tesla, with 16-fold acceleration using partial parallel imaging with application to high spatial and temporal whole-brain fMRI. Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 3(5), 1144-1153.
  • Olman, C. A., Inati, S., & Davachi, L. (2009). Distortion and signal loss in medial temporal lobe.  PLoS One, 4(12), e8160.
Cheryl Olman