Mark Brady

Ph.D. 1999

Thesis Title:

Psychophysical Investigations of Incomplete Forms and Forms with Backgrounds

Current Position:

Assistant Professor
Department of Psychology
North Dakota State University

Major Advisor(s):

Daniel Kersten, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Brady, M. J., & Kersten, D. (2003). Bootstrapped learning of novel objects. Journal of Vision, Accepted.
  • Brady, M. J., Kersten, D., & Ziegenhagen, S. (2002). Learning to segment and recognize novel objects evolves in parallel. Paper presented at the Vision Sciences Society, 2nd Anual Meeting, Sarasota Florida.
  • Brady, M. J., Ziegenhagen, S., & Kersten, D. (2002). Learning to recognize novel camouflaged objects. Paper presented at the Third Annual Computational Neuroscience Symposium: Visual Processing of Natural Images, Minneapolis, MN.
  • Shams, L., Brady, M. J., & Schaal, S. K. (2001). Graph matching vs. mutual information maximization for object detection. Neural Networks, 14(3), 345-354.
  • Brady, M., & Kersten, D. (2000). The Camouflage Challenge, from
  • Brady, M. J., & Kersten, D. J. (2000). Temporal asymmetries of illusory contour formation. Paper presented at the IOVS, Fort Lauderdale, FL.
Mark Brady