Bruno Averbeck

Ph.D. 2001

Thesis Title:

Neural Activity Related to the Copying of Geometrical Shapes

Current Position:

Principal Investigator, National Institute of Health

Major Advisor(s):

Apostolos Georgopoulos, M.D., Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • *Furl, N., *Hadj-Bouziane, F., Liu, N, *Averbeck, B. B., and *Ungerleider, L.G., Dynamic and Static Facial Expressions Decoded from Motion-Sensitive Areas in the Macaque Monkey, Journal of Neuroscience, In Press.
  • Djamshidian, A., O’Sullivan, S.S., Sanotsky, Y., Sharman, S., Matviyenko, Y., Foltynie, T., Michalczuk, R., Aviles-Olmos, I., Fedoryshyn, L., Doherty, K., Filts, Y., Selikhova, M., Bowden Jones, H., Joyce, E., J. Lees A.J.*, Averbeck, B.B.*, Jumping to conclusions in Parkinson’s patients with impulse control disorders compared to other behavioral addictions, Movement Disorders, 27:1137-45, 2012.
  • Lange-Kuttner, C., Averbeck, B.B., Hirsch, S.V., Wieβner, I., and Lamba, N., Sequence learning under uncertainty in children: self-reflection vs. self-assertion, Frontiers in Developmental Psychology, 3: 127, 2012.
  • Fukushima, M., Saunders, R.C., Leopold, D.A., Mishkin, M. and Averbeck, B.B., Spontaneous high-gamma band activity reflects functional organization of auditory cortex in the awake macaque, Neuron, 74: 899-910, 2012.
  • Seo, M., Lee, E., and Averbeck, B.B., Action selection and action value in frontalstriatal circuits, Neuron, 74: 947-960, 2012.
  • Furl, N., Gallagher, S., and Averbeck, B.B., An emotional decision-making bias that is specific to facial expressions, PLOS One, 7(3):e33461, 2012.
  • Djamshidian, A., O’Sullivan, S.S., Lees, A., and Averbeck, B.B., Effects of dopamine on sensitivity to social bias in Parkinson’s disease, PLOS One, 7(3):e32889, 2012.
  • Evans, S., Alahdi, B., Sultan, P., Sohanpal, I., Brandner, B., Shergill, S.S., Cregg, R., and Averbeck, B. B., Performance on a probabilistic inference task in healthy subjects receiving ketamine compared to patients with schizophrenia, Journal of Psychopharmacology, 26:1211-7, 2012.
  • Furl, N. and Averbeck, B.B., Parietal cortex and insula relate to evidence seeking relevant to reward‐related decisions, J Neurosci, 31: 17572-17582, 2011.
  • Cruz, A.V., Mallet, N., Magill, P.J., Brown, P. and Averbeck, B.B., Effects of dopamine depletion on information flow between the subthalamic nucleus and external globus pallidus, Journal of Neurophysiology, 106: 2012-2023, 2011.
Bruno Averbeck