Andrew Grande, M.D.

Assistant Professor, Department of Neurosurgery


Research Interests:

Dr. Grande co-directs the Earl Grande, Vel, V. Richard Zarling Stroke, Stem Cell and Neuroimaging Laboratory at the University of Minnesota. His research interest is focused translating stem cell therapies for stroke from the "bench to the bedside." Ongoing studies include exogenous cord blood stem cell transplantation for neuroprotection, reprogramming of reactive astrocytes to form neurons, and characterization of normal adult neural stem cells found in the brains of humans and other large animals.

Selected Publications:

(For a comprehensive list of recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.)

  • Hocum Stone LL, Xiao F, Rotschafer J, Nan Z, Juliano M, Sanberg CD, Sanberg PR, Kuzmin-Nichols N, Grande A, Cheeran MC, Low WC. (2016) Amelioration of Ischemic Brain Injury in Rats with Human Umbilical Cord Blood Stem Cells: Mechanisms of Action. Cell Transplantation 25(8):1473-88. PMID: 26996530
  • Grande A, Sumiyoshi K, Lopez-Juarez L, Howard J, Sakthivel B, Aronow B, Campbell K, Nakafuku M. (2013) Environmental Impact on Direct Neuronal Reprogramming In Vivo in the Adult Brain. Nature Communications 4:2373. PMID:23974433
  • Stone L, Grande A, Low W. (2013) Neural Repair and Neuroprotection with Stem Cells in Ischemic Stroke. Brain Sciences 3(2): 599-614, doi:10.3390/brainsci3020599
  • Nan Z, Grande A, Sanberg C, Sanberg P, Low W.  (2005) Infusion of Human Umbilical Cord Blood Ameliorates Neurologic Deficits in Rats with Hemorrhagic Brain Injury.  Ann. N.Y. Acad. Sci. 1049:84-96. PMID: 15965109
Andrew Grande