Laura Stone

Ph.D. 1999

Thesis Title:

Alpha-2 Adrenergic Receptor Subtypes in Pain and Analgesia

Current Position:

Associate Professor
Faculty of Dentistry, Alan Edwards Centre for Research on Pain
McGill University Montreal, Quebec, Canada

Major Advisor(s):

Selected Publications:

  • Schuster DJ, Kitto KF, Overland AC, Messing RO, Stone LS, Fairbanks CA, Wilcox GL. Protein kinase Cε is required for spinal analgesic synergy between delta opioid and alpha-2A adrenergic receptor agonist pairs. J Neurosci. 2013 Aug 14;33(33):13538-46.
  • M. Millecamps, M. Tajerian, L. Naso, L.S Stone; Lumbar Intervertebral Disc Degeneration Associated with Axial and Radicular Low Back Pain in Aging SPARC-null Mice; Pain, 2012; 153(6):1167-79.
  • M. Tajerian, M. Millecamps, L.S Stone; Morphine and Clonidine Synergize to Ameliorate Low Back Pain in Mice; Pain Research and Treatment, Volume 2012, Article ID150842.
  • N. Audet, O. Mnie-Filali, M. Amraei, A-J. Chabot-Doré, M. Millecamps, L.S. Stone and G. Pineyro; Differential Association of Receptor-Gβγ Complexes with β-arrestin2 Determines Recycling Bias and Potential for Tolerance of Delta Opioid Receptor (DOR) Agonists; J Neuroscience, 32(14):4827– 4840, 2012.
  • M. Tajerian, S. Alvarado, M. Millecamps, T. Dashwood, K.M. Anderson, L. Haglund, J.A. Ouellet, M. Szyf, L.S Stone; DNA Methylation of SPARC is Associated with Low Back Pain; Molecular Pain, 7(1):65, 2011.
  • D.A. Seminowicz, T.H. Wideman, L. Naso, Z. Hatami-Khoroushahi, S. Fallatah, M. Ware, P. Jarzem, M.C. Bushnell, Y Shir, J.A. Ouellet, and L.S. Stone; Effective Treatment of Chronic Low Back Pain Reverses Structural and Functional Brain Changes; Journal of Neuroscience, 31(20):7540-7550, 2011.
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  • M. Millecamps, M. Tajarian, E.H. Sage, and L.S. Stone; Behavioral Signs of Chronic Back Pain in the SPARC-null mouse; Spine, 36(2):95-102, 2011 (NIHMS221485, CAPMC1525).
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  • C.A. Fairbanks, K.F. Kitto, H.O. Nguyen, L.S. Stone, and G.L. Wilcox. 2009. Clonidine and Dexmedetomidine Produce Antinociceptive Synergy in Mouse Spinal Cord. Anesthesiology 110(3):638-47; 2009.
  • J. Lai, M. Riedl, L.S. Stone, U. Arvidsson, E.J. Bilksy, G.L. Wilcox, R. Elde and F. Porreca; Immunofluorescence Analysis of Antisense Oligo-deoxynucleotide-Mediated Knock-Down of the -Opioid Receptor in Vitro an in Vivo; Neuroscience  Letters  213:205-208; 1996. 
  • Stone LS, MacMillan LB, Kitto KF, Limbird LE, Wilcox GL. (1997) The alpha2a adrenergic receptor subtype mediates spinal analgesia evoked by alpha2 agonists and is necessary for spinal adrenergic-opioid synergy. J Neurosci. Sep 15;17(18):7157-65.
  • Stone LS, Fairbanks CA, Laughlin TM, Nguyen HO, Bushy TM, Wessendorf MW, Wilcox GL. (1997) Spinal analgesic actions of the new endogenous opioid peptides endomorphin-1 and -2. Neuroreport. Sep 29;8(14):3131-5. 
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Honors and Awards:

Laura Stone