Andrew Thorpe

Ph.D. 2004

Thesis Title:

Orexin a Induced Feeding and Activity: Metabolic Status, Motivational State and Sites of Action

Current Position:

Regional Scientific Associate Director, GSK/Novartis

Major Advisor(s):

Catherine Kotz, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Falenski K.W., Thorpe A.J., Schlosburg J.G., Cravatt B.F., , Selley D.E., Lichtman A.H., Sim-Selly L.J.  “FAAH-/- mice display differential tolerance, dependence, and cannabinoid receptor adaptation after delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol and anandamide administration.” Neuro-psychopharmacology, July 2010, 35(8):1775-87
  • Harloe, J.P., Thorpe, A.J., and Lichtman, A.H.  "Differential endocannabinoid regulation of extinction in appetitive and aversive barnes maze tasks." Learning and Memory. Oct 2008; 15(11):806-9.
  • Niyuhire F., Thorpe A.J., Stokes R., Wiley J.L., Lichtman A.H. "The disruptive effects of the CB1 receptor antagonist in extinction learning are task specific." Psychpharmacology. April 2007, 191(2):223-31. 
  • Thorpe A.J., Sweet D., Beverly J.L., Kotz C.M. "Orexin A in the rostrolateral hypothalamic area induces feeding by modulating GABAergic transmission." Brain Research. December 2006, 1125(1):60-6.
  • Kotz C.M., Wang C.F., Teske J.A., Thorpe A.J., Novak C., Kiwaki K., and Levine J.A. "Orexin A mediation of time spent moving in rats: neural mechanisms." Neuroscience. September 2006. 
  • Thorpe A.J., Cleary J.P., Levine A.S., Kotz C.M. "Centrally administered orexin A increases motivation for sweet pellets under a PR5 schedule in rats." Psychopharmacology. October 2005, 182(1):75-83.
  • Thorpe A.J., Teske J.A., Kotz C.M. "Orexin A induced feeding is augmented by caloric challenge." American Journal of Physiology: Regulatory, Integrative Comparative Physiology. August 2005, 289(2):R367-R372.
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Andrew Thorpe