Steering Committee

Lucy Vulchanova Director of Graduate Studies
Course Director, Systems Neuroscience
Sylvain Lesne Associate Director of Graduate Studies
David Redish PI, NINDS and NIMH Training Grant
Timothy Ebner Chairperson, Department of Neuroscience
Bob Meisel Former DGS (Ex Officio)
Eric Newman Chair, Curriculum and Exam Committee
Course Director, Cell and Molecular Neuroscience
Yasushi Nakagawa Course Director, Developmental Neuroscience
Mark Masino Course Director, Behavioral Neuroscience
Patrick Rothwell Course Director, Quantitative Neuroscience
Marija Cvetanovic Course Director, Itasca Lab Courses
Paulo Kofuji Chair, Admissions Committee
Geoff Ghose Chair, Recruitment and Marketing Committee
Cheryl Olman Chair, Community Engagement and Outreach Committee
Karen Mesce Elected Representative
Michael Georgieff Elected Representative
Paul Mermelstein PI, NIDA Training Grant
Jocelyn Richard DEI Committee
Roberto Lopez Cervera DEI Committee
Sarah West Student Representative ('21-'23)
Amy Nippert Student Representative ('19-'21)
Emilia Lefevre Postodoctoral Representative ('20-'21)

Admissions Committee

Paulo Kofuji, Chair
Bob Meisel
Alfonso Araque
Matthew Chafee
Marija Cvetanovic
Ling Li
Julia Lemos
Katherine Hamel, Student Representative
Sarah Mulloy, Student Representative

Ex Officio
Lucy Vulchanova, DGS
Sylvain Lesne, ADGS

Recruitment Committee

(Numbers in Parentheses are the dates of appointment)


Curriculum and Exam Committee

Eric Newman, Chair and Course Director
Mark Masino, Course Director
Yasushi Nakagawa, Course Director
Lucy Vulchanova, Course Director
Paulo Kofuji, Course Director
Lorene Lanier
Geoff Ghose
Laura Buczek, Student Representative

Seminar and Colloquium Committee

Chloe Cable, Student Representative
Carrie Sheeler, Student Representative

Awards and Recognition Committee

Andrew Grande, Chair
Sam Brunson, Student Representative

Community Engagement and Outreach Committee

Cheryl Olman, Chair
Luke Johnson, MNDrive Coordinator for Brain Bee
John Paton, Brain Awareness Week Administrator
Marija Cvetanovic
Rocio Gomez-Pastor
Robert Meisel
Maria Linn-Evans
Manny Esguerra
Emily Lecy, Student Representative
Carli Poisson, Student Representative

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee

Sylvain Lesné (Admissions Committee)
Jocelyn Richard
Jan Zimmermann
Johnathan Borland, postdoctoral representative
Anne Collins, postdoctoral representative
Marc Pisansky, postdoctoral representative
Jenn Brown, student representative (Career Facilitation Committee)
Roberto Lopez Cervera, student representative
Carey Lyons, student representative (Seminar Committee)
Carli Poisson, student representative
Alexandra Scott, student representative  (Career Facilitation Committee)
Carrie Sheeler, student representative (Curriculum Committee)
Carlee Toddes, student representative (Recruitment Committee)
Brian Trieu, student representative

Career Facilitation Committee

Patrick Rothwell, ex officio
Gunner Drossel, Student Representative
Julianna Goenaga, Student Representative
Luna Kettlewell, Student Representative
Dakota Palmer, Student Representative
Sarah West, Student Representative

C.O.G.S. Representative
(Numbers in Parentheses are the dates of appointment)

Ross Pelzel, Student Representative

GPN Representative for Biomedical Research Discovery Day

Sam Brunson, Student Representative

Student Board
(Numbers in Parentheses are the dates of appointment)

Emily Lecy, First Year Student Rep 
Elizabeth Souter, Second Year Student Rep 
Katherine Hamel, Third Year Student Rep
Carrie Sheeler, Fourth Year Student Rep 
Megan Monko, Fifth Year and Beyond Student Rep 

Mentorship Committee

Jessica Froula
Rachel Dick