Cheri Williams

Ph.D. 1992

Thesis Title:

Mechanisms of Pattern Formation in the Developing Visual System

Current Position:

Senior Director, Oracle

Major Advisor(s):

Steve McLoon, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Meberg PJ, Kossel AH, Williams CV and Kater SB. (1999) Calcium-dependent alterations in dendritic architecture of hippocampal pyramidal neurons. Neuroreport. 10: 639-644.
  • Kuhn TB, Williams CV, Dou P and Kater SB. (1998) Laminin directs growth cone navigation via two temporally and functionally distinct calcium signals. J Neurosci. 18: 184-194.
  • Williams CV, Nordquist D and McLoon SC. (1994) Correlation of nitric oxide synthase expression with changing patterns of axonal projections in the developing visual system. J Neurosci. 14: 1746-1755.
  • Williams CV and McLoon SC. (1991 ) Elimination of the transient ipsilateral retinotectal projection is not solely achieved by cell death in the developing chick. J Neurosci. 11: 445-453.
Cheri Williams