Kevin Crisp

Ph.D. 2003

Thesis Title:

Biogenic Amines and the Orchestration of Locomotor Behavior in the Medicinal Leech

Current Position:

Associate Professor and Neuroscience Program Director, Department of Biology, St. Olaf College

Major Advisor(s):

Karen Mesce, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Harley CM, Reilly MG, Stewart C, Schlegel C, Morley E, Puhl JG, Nagel C, Crisp KM, Mesce KA. Compensatory Plasticity Restores Locomotion Following Chronic Removal of Descending Projections. J Neurophysiol. 2015 Mar 18;:jn.00135.2015.
  • Crisp KM (2012) A structured-inquiry approach to teaching neurophysiology using computer simulation.  Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, in press.
  • Crisp KM, Gallagher BR, Mesce KA (2012) Mechanisms contributing to the dopamine induction of crawl-like bursting in leech motoneurons.  Journal of Experimental Biology, in press.
  • Crisp KM, Muir GM (2012) Assessing development of an interdisciplinary perspective in an undergraduate neuroscience course.  Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education 10, A88-A95.
  • Ferguson JE, Boldt C, Puhl JG, Stigen T, Jackson JC, Crisp KM, Mesce KA, Netoff T, Redish AD (2012) Nanowires precisely grown on the ends of microwire electrodes permit the recording of intracellular action potentials within deeper neural structures.  Nanomedicine 8(4): 427-433.
  • Crisp KM, Halfmann K (2011) A kinematic study of pulsation in the dorsal blood vessel of the black worm, Lumbriculus variegatus.
  • Crisp KM, Grupe RE, Lobsang TT, Yang X (2010) Biogenic amines modulate pulse rate in the dorsal blood vessel of Lumbriculus variegates.  Comp Biochem Physiol C 151: 467-472
  • Crisp KM (2009) Multiple spike initiation zones in a neuron implicated in learning in the leech: a computational model.  Invert Neurosci 9:1-10.
  • Burrell BD, Crisp KM (2008) Serotonergic modulation of afterhyperpolarization in a neuron that is critical for learning in the medicinal leech.  J Neurophysiol 99: 605-616.
  • Crisp KM, Jensen M, Moore R (2007) Pros and cons of a group webpage design project in a freshman anatomy and physiology course.  Adv Physiol Ed. 31: 343-346
  • Alkatout BA, Marvin NM, Crisp KM (2007) Serotonin delays habituation of leech swim response to touch.  Behav Brain Res 182: 145-149.
  • Crisp KM, Mesce KA (2006) Beyond the CPG: Amine modulation of decision-making neural networks in the brain of the medicinal leech.  J Exp Biol 209: 1746-1756.
Kevin Crisp