Robert Raike

Ph.D. 2004

Thesis Title:

A Potential Mouse Model of Episodic Ataxia Type 2

Current Position:

  • Principal Scientist, Neurostimulation Research, Medtronic, Inc.
  • Postdoctoral Fellow, Department of Pharmacology and Neurology, Emory University School of Medicine

Major Advisor(s):

Christopher Gomez

Selected Publications:

  • Raike, RS, Weisz, CJ, Terzi, MC, van den Maagdenberg, AMJM, Jinnah, HA and Hess, EJ. Mechanisms underlying the triggers of episodic neurological dysfunction in mouse models of CaV2.1 channelopathy. Neurobiology of Disease. 2012 (In press).
  • Raike, RS, Pizoli, CE, Weisz, CJC, van den Maagdenberg, AMJM, Jinnah, HA and Hess, EJ. A small region of cerebellar dysfunction can drive focal dystonia. Neurobiology of Disease. 2012 (In press).
  • Todorov, B, Hoebeek, FE, Haasdijk ED, Frants, RR, Raike, RS, Hess, EJ, de Zeeuw, CI and van den Maagdenberg, AMJM. Purkinje cell-specific ablation of CaV2.1 channels is sufficient to cause cerebellar ataxia in mice. Cerebellum. 2012 Mar;11(1):246-58.
  • Raike, RS, Jinnah, HA and Hess, EJ. Kainic Acid Model of Dystonia. (2010) In: Kompoliti K, and Verhagen Metman L (eds.) Encyclopedia of Movement Disorders, vol. 2, pp. 101-102 Oxford: Academic Press.
  • Raike, RS, Kordasiewicz, HB, Thompson, RM and Gomez, CM. (2007) Dominant-negative suppression of Cav2.1 currents by alpha1 2.1 truncations requires the conserved interaction domain for beta subunits. Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience. 34(2): 168-177.3
  • Raike, RS, Jinnah, HA and Hess, EJ. (2005) Animal Models of Generalized Dystonia. NeuroRx. 2(3): 504-12.
  • Weisz, CJC, Raike, RS, Soria-Jasso, LE and Hess, EJ. (2005) Potassium channel blockers inhibit the triggers of attacks in the calcium channel mouse mutant tottering. Journal of Neuroscience. 24(16): 4141-45.
  • Subramony, SH, Schott, K, Raike, R, Callahan, J, Langford, L, Christova, P, Anderson, JH and Gomez, CM. (2003) Novel CACNA1A mutation causes febrile episodic ataxia with interictal ocular motor and posture abnormalities. Annals of Neurology. 4(6): 725-31.
  • Restituito, S, Thompson, RM, Eliet, J, Raike, RS, Riedl, M, Charnet, P and Gomez, CM. (2000) The polyglutamine expansion in spinocerebellar ataxia type 6 causes a beta subunit-specific enhanced activation of P/Q-type calcium channels in Xenopus oocytes. Journal of Neuroscience. 20(17): 6394-403.
Robert Raike