Fred Langheim

Ph.D. 2004

Thesis Title:

Dynamic Brain Interactions as Revealed by Magnetoencephalography (MEG)

Current Position:

Medical Director C&L Psychiatry and Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor, Department of Psychiatry, University of Wisconsin, Madison

Staff Psychiatrist, Dean Health System, Inc, Madison, WI

Major Advisor(s):

Selected Publications:

  • RS Shim, MT Compton, C Koplan, M Mansau, FJP Langheim, CJ Oleskey, RA Powers, Health Care Reform and Integrated Care: A Golden Opportunity for Preventive Psychiatry, in press at Psychiatric Services.
  • MT Compton, C Koplan, FJP Langheim, CJ Oleskey, RA Powers, RS Shim, Preventive psychiatry can be ideally situated in integrated treatment settings: challenges and recommendations, in press at Academic Psychiatry.
  • RS Shim, RA Powers, CJ Oleskey, FJP Langheim, C Koplan, MT Compton, Opportunities to Enhance Prevention-Related Competencies in Graduate Medical Education in Psychiatry: A Position Statement of the Prevention Committee of the Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, in press, Academic Psychiatry.
  • Y Guller, F Ferrarelli, AJ Shackman, S Sarasso, MJ Peterson, FJP Langheim, ME Meyerand, G Tononi, BR Postle, Probing thalamic integrity in schizophrenia using concurrent transcranial magnetic stimulation and functional magnetic resonance imaging, Archives of General Psychiatry, 69(7), 2012, 662-671.
  • FJP Langheim, M Murphy, BA Riedner, G Tononi, Functional connectivity in slow wave sleep: identification of synchronous cortical activity during wakefulness and sleep using time series analysis of electroencephalographic data, Journal of Sleep Research, 20, 2011, 496-505.
  • AP Georgopoulos, E Karageorgiou, AC Leuthold, SM Lewis, JK Lynch, Z Aslam, AF Carpenter, LS Hemmy, IG Koutlas, FJP Langheim, JR McCarten, SE McPherson, JV Pardo, PJ Pardo, GJ Parry, SA Rottunda, BM Segal, SR Sponheim, JJ Stanwyck, M Stephane, JJ Westermeyer, Synchronous neural interactions assessed by magnetoencephalography: A functional biomarker for brain disorders, Journal of Neural Engineering, 4(4), 2007, 349-355.
  • FJP Langheim, AN Merkle, AC Leuthold, SM Lewis, AP Georgopoulos, Dipole analysis of magnetoencephalographic data during continuous shape copying, Experimental Brain Research, 170(4), 2006, 513-521.
  • FJP Langheim, AC Leuthold, AP Georgopoulos, Synchronous dynamic brain networks revealed by magnetoencephalography, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A., 103(2), 2006, 455-459.
  • AP Georgopoulos, FJP Langheim, AC Leuthold, AN Merkle, Magnetoencephalographic signals predict movement trajectory in space, Experimental Brain Research 167(1), 2005, 132-135.
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Fred Langheim