Nicholas Port

Ph.D. 1997

Thesis Title:

Neural Mechanisms of Visual Motor Integration: Intercepting Moving Targets

Current Position:

Assistant Professor
School of Optometry
Indiana University

Major Advisor(s):

Apostolos Georgopoulos. M.D., Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Tahayori B, Port NL, Koceja DM (2012) The inflow of sensory information for the control of standing is graded and bidirectional. Exp. Brain Res (Accepted, Jan 17 2012)
  • Jansen ME, Begley CG, Himebaugh NH, and Port NL (2010) Effect of contact lens wear and a near task on tear film break-up. Optom Vis Sci 5:350-7
  • Port NL and Wurtz RH (2009) Target Selection and saccade generation in monkey superior colliculus. Exp Brain Res 192:465-77
  • Port NL and Wurtz RH (2003) Sequential activity of simultaneously recorded neurons in the superior colliculus during during curved saccades. J Neurophys 90: 1887-1903
  • Kruse W, Port NL, Lee D, Georgopoulos, AP (2001) Neural mechanisms of catching: translating moving target information into hand interception movement. In: Cognitive neuroscience perspectives on the problem of intentional action (Johnson SH, ed). Cambridge, MA: MIT Press
  • Lee DN, Georgopoulos AP, Clark MJ, Craig CM, Port NL (2001) Guiding contact by coupling the taus of gaps. Exp Brain Res 139:151-159
  • Port NL, Kruse W, Lee, D, Georgopoulos, AP (2001) Motor cortical activity during interception of moving targets. J Cog Neurosci 13: 306-318
  • Lee D, Port NL, Kruse W, Georgoploulos AP (2001) Neuronal clusters in the primate motor cortex during interception of moving targets. J Cogn Neurosci 13: 319-331
  • Port NL, Sommer MA, Wurtz RH (2000) Multielectrode evidence for spreading activity across the superior colliculus movement map. J Neurophys 84: 344-57
  • Lee D, Port NL, Kruse W, Georgopoulos AP (1998) Neuronal population coding: Multielectrode recordings in primate cerebral cortex. In: Neuronal ensembles: strategies for recording and decoding (Eichenbuam H, Davis J, ed), pp 117-136 New York: Wiley.
Nicholas Port