Timothy Gomez

Ph.D. 1995

Thesis Title:

Regulation of Growth Cone Migration

Current Position:

Professor, Department of Neuroscience, University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health.

Major Advisor(s):

Paul Letourneau

Selected Publications:

  • Kerstein, P., Jacques-Fricke, B., Rengifo, J., Mogen, B., Williams, J., Gottlieb, P., Sachs, F. and Gomez, T. M.  Modulation of mechanosensitive TRPC1 channels on filopodia activates calpain to guide spinal axons.  Revision submitted, J. Neurosci.
  • Santiago-Medina, M., Gregus, K. A. and Gomez, T. M.  PAK-PIX interactions regulate adhesion dynamics and membrane protrusion to control neurite outgrowth. In revision, J Cell Science.
  • Moon, M-s, Drewry, A., Ducharme-Smith, A., Santiago-Medina, M. and Gomez, T. M.  BDNF activates multiple signaling pathways and new protein synthesis to produce biphasic effects on growth cone motility.  In revision, Mol. Cell. Neurosci.
  • Myers, J. P., Robles, E., Ducharme-Smith, A. and Gomez, T. M.  (2012) Focal adhesion kinase modulates Cdc42 activity downstream of positive and negative axon guidance cues. J Cell Science. 5 Mar. [Epub ahead of print].
  • Myers, J. P. and Gomez, T. M.  (2011) Focal adhesion kinase promotes integrin adhesion dynamics necessary for chemotropic turning of nerve growth cones. J Neurosci. 21 September; 31(38):13585-13595. PMCID: 3193056
  • Gomez, T. M. (2011) Pioneering studies on the mechanism of neuronal morphogenesis. Sep;71(9):780-4. Dev. Neurobio.
  • Myers, J. P., Santiago-Medina, M. and Gomez, T. M.  (2011) Regulation of axonal outgrowth and pathfinding by integrin-ECM interactions. Dev. Neurobio. 71 (11): 901-923. PMCID: 3192254
  • Santiago-Medina, M., Myers, J. P. and Gomez, T. M.  (2011) Imaging adhesion and signaling dynamics in Xenopus laevis growth cones. Dev. Neurobio. Apr 4,  Epub ahead of print. PMCID: 3158960
  • Hengen, K. B., Gomez, T. M. Stang K. M., Johnson, S. M. and Behan, M. (2011).  Changes in ventral respiratory column GABAaR {varepsilon}- and {delta}-subunits during hibernation mediate resistance to depression by EtOH and pentobarbital. Am J Physiol Regul Integr Comp Physiol. 2011 Feb;300(2):R272-83. PMCID: 3043800.
  • Moon, M-s and Gomez, T. M. (2010) Balanced Vav2 GEF activity regulates neurite outgrowth and branching in vitro and in vivo. Mol. Cell. Neurosci.  Jun;44(2):118-128. PMCID: 2862809.
Timothy Gomez