William H. Frey II, Ph.D.

Professor, Department of Neurology, Pharmaceutics, and Oral Biology

Alzheimer's Research Center

E-MAIL: alzheimr@umn.edu

Research Interests:

Dr. William H. Frey II is the Founder and Co-Director of the Alzheimer's Research Center at Regions Hospital, Professor of Pharmaceutics and faculty member in Neurology, Oral Biology and Neuroscience at the University of Minnesota and consultant to the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry.
Dr. Frey's non-invasive intranasal method for bypassing the blood-brain barrier to rapidly delivery and target therapeutic agents to the brain along the olfactory and trigeminal neural pathways while reducing systemic exposure and unwanted side effects has captured the interest of both pharmaceutical companies and neuroscientists.  The intranasal insulin treatment he developed for Alzheimer’s disease has been shown in multiple clinical trials to improve memory in both Alzheimer’s patients and normal adults. The intranasal therapeutic (stem) cell treatment he discovered has been shown to bypass the blood-brain barrier to treat Parkinson's, stroke, neonatal ischemia, multiple sclerosis and subarachnoid hemorrhage in animal models of these disorders.

Selected Publications:

(For a comprehensive list of recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.) Dhuria, S.V., Hanson, L.R.,

Frey, WH 2nd (2015) Noninvasive intranasal stem cells bypass the blood-brain barrier to target the brain to treat Parkinson's disease, stroke, MS, brain tumors, cerebral ischemia, Alzheimer's and other CNS disorders. Journal of Nature and Science, Vol.1 No.1 e23 (Neuroscience)

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