Statement on Diversity and Inclusion

Like others throughout the world, we the students, faculty, and staff of the Graduate Program in Neuroscience are angered by the unconscionable murder of George Floyd in our city. It is not enough to say Black Lives Matter, but it is important to say it. Inspired by that statement, we are dedicated to increasing our ongoing efforts to improve diversity and inclusion in every aspect of our program.  While these issues are not easily rectified, we are committed to doing all we can to improve our community.

Despite our best intentions and prior efforts, it is clear that we have significant work ahead of us to promote a just and equitable graduate program. We are taking the first steps by identifying what we can do in our own community. Together with the office of Biomedical Graduate Research, Education, and Training (BGREAT), we are developing and implementing plans to change how we recruit and support students, how we learn and teach, how we recognize accomplishments, and how we reach out to the broader Twin Cities community. We want to make meaningful changes that will last, and lasting change takes time. We are listening, we are learning, and we are committed. 

Specific suggestions are welcome and can be made here.