Emily Semaya

M.S. 2021

Thesis Title:

Surround Suppression for Broadband Images

Current Position:

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

Carleton College, B.A. in Biology, 2015

Graduate Advisor:

Cheryl Olman, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Graduate Research:

My research is focused on determining mechanisms of early visual perception using high resolution fMRI and psychophysics.

Honors and Awards:

  • T32 NEI Vision Training Grant position

Research Categories:

  • Behaviorial and Cognitive Neurosciences
  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Neuroimaging
  • Neuropsychiatric Diseases
  • Visual Neuroscience

Professional Outreach:

  • Bell Museum volunteer for Saturday with a Scientist: All about Brains! 2018


Undergraduate or Post-Bac Research:

As an undergraduate and during my post-baccalaureate research, I was involved in projects related to neuronal development and neurodegeneration in Dave Hall’s lab at Albert Einstein College of Medicine. These studies utilized electron microscopy to discern the ultrastructure of neurons in C. elegans.

What Got You Interested in Research?

How the actions of single cells combine to produce thoughts and behaviors is a fundamental question of biology to which I was drawn as an undergraduate. After taking neurobiology courses and working in a lab, I knew I wanted to continue on to a career in research.

Why Did You Choose MN?

Minnesota’s program stood out to me for its breadth of neuroscience research and numerous outstanding faculty. The supportive community formed by GPN students was another important factor in my decision.

Student Mentor and the Best Advice They Gave:

Megan Monko: Set up your rotations early.

Favorite Itasca Memory:

I really enjoyed watching the Perseid meteor shower.