Faculty Mentorship Award

This award was created to recognize outstanding faculty members in the Graduate Program in Neuroscience. A subcommittee made up of five graduate students, one from each year, will review nominations. At the Spring Retreat, the award will be presented to a faculty member who has shown outstanding work in teaching, mentoring, and committee service.

The process of nomination is as follows. Nominations will be requested by the committee in January, and faculty members who receive two or more nominations will be eligible to win the award. To evaluate the candidates, the committee will solicit letters of recommendation from those persons who provided the original nominations. The recommendation letters should include how the faculty member has contributed to the program through teaching courses, mentoring graduate students, and committee work.

There are two rules for award eligibility. First, DGSs and department heads will not be eligible. Since DGSs and department heads already put so much time and energy into the program, it would be unfair for other faculty to be compared to them. Second, a faculty member cannot win the award in two consecutive years.

The winner will have his/her name displayed on a plaque and given a small plaque that can be displayed in their office. I know that there are many faculty members that have put in a lot of time and hard work to make this an outstanding program. So please give this award some serious time and thought.


Committee chair


2023 - Audrey Sederberg, Ph.D.

2022 - Patrick Rothwell, Ph.D.

2021 - Rocio Gomez-Pastor, Ph.D.

2020 - Marija Cvetanovic, Ph.D.

2019 - Patrick Rothwell, Ph.D.

2018 - Yasushi Nakagawa, M.D., Ph.D.

2017 - Steven McLoon, Ph.D.

2016 - Eric Newman, Ph.D.

2015 - Christopher Honda, Ph.D.

2014 - Matt Chafee, Ph.D.

2013 - Bob Meisel, Ph.D.

2012 - Teresa Nick, Ph.D.

2011 - Lorene Lanier, Ph.D.

2010 - Eric Newman, Ph.D.

2009 - Paulo Kofuji, Ph.D.

2008 - William Engeland, Ph.D.

2007 - Virginia Seybold, Ph.D.

2006 - Paul Mermelstein, Ph.D.

2005 - George Wilcox, Ph.D.

2004 - Christopher Honda, Ph.D.