Technology Transfer

Job Description
Generally technology transfer is the process of identifying, protecting and commercializing new technologies. Technology managers are at the intersection of science, business and law, specifically serving as a liaison among inventors, licensing companies and patent professionals. They are often responsible for estimating the value of an invention by assessing its ability to generate revenue as well as to benefit the public and economy. Based on this assessment they decide whether to protect the intellectual property through patents, trademarks or copyrights. Meanwhile they develop and implement commercialization strategies via marketing and licensing to existing companies or create new start-up companies based on the technology. Depending on the position, technology transfer can expect an annual salary of $55K-160K for working ~40 hours per week.

Strong technical background
General science knowledge
Ability to quickly learn about diverse topics
Strong writing, negotiation and communication skills
Sound business judgment

Types of Positions
Technology Manager
Licensing Administrator
Intellectual Property manager

Medical centers
Federal research labs

First Steps
Technology coursework and seminars: see below for a list of courses and seminars that may be useful.
Internship: talk with the Office for Technology Commercialization for information or an internship.

 Twin Cities Companies

UMN Resources
Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) student association

Medical Devices Center

UMN Office for Technology Commercialization:

Medical Industry Leadership Institute (MILI) coursework:

MIN-Corps seminars and courses:

Technological Leadership Institute seminars and courses

External resources
Association of University Technology managers (AUTM)
NIH Office for Technology Transfer internship