Michael Georgieff, M.D.

Professor and Executive Vice Chair, Department of Pediatrics; Director, Division of Neonatology; Director, Center for Neurobehavioral Development

E-MAIL: [email protected]

Research Interests:

The Georgieff laboratory studies the effects of late fetal and early neonatal iron deficiency on the developing hippocampus and learning and memory behavior in humans and in rodent models. The lab is funded by a grant in its 15th year from NICHD to study this subject at multiple levels including human behavior, human neuroimaging with event related potentials (research in collaboration with Charles Nelson), rodent biochemistry using NMR spectroscopy at 9.4 Tesla, rodent electrophysiology (in collaboration with Michael O'Connor's lab), cell signaling, and rodent behavior (in collaboration with Jonathan Gewirtz). The laboratory has developed two genetic models that interupt iron uptake by the hippocampus at this critical point in development. The hypotheses are that iron deficiency in this developmental time period causes changes in hippocampal CA1 dendritic structure and function that accounts for abnormal recognition memory behavior in iron deficient humans and rodents.

Selected Publications:

(For a comprehensive list of recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.)

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Current Graduate Students:


Former Graduate Students:

Amanda Barks (Ph.D. 2020 Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Diana Wallin (Ph.D. 2017 Neuroscience, University of Minnesota)

Bruce Kennedy (Ph.D. 2016, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Liam Callahan (Ph.D. 2015, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Stephanie Fretham (Ph.D. 2010, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Katya Brunette (Ph.D. 2009, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Erik Carlson (Ph.D. 2008, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

Lyric Jorgenson (Ph.D. 2005, Neuroscience, University of Minnesota).

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