Stephen Helms Tillery

Ph.D. 1994

Thesis Title:

Coding of Arm Posture in Primate Somatosensory Cortex

Current Position:

Associate Professor, School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering, Arizona State University

Major Advisor(s):

Selected Publications:

  • Helms Tillery SI, Soechting JF, Ebner TJ. Somatosensory cortical activity in relation to arm posture: nonuniform spatial tuning. J Neurophysiol. 1996;76:2423-2438.
  • Helms Tillery SI, Ebner TJ, Soechting JF. Task dependence of primate arm postures. Exp Brain Res. 1995;104:1-11.
  • Helms Tillery SI, Flanders M, Soechting JF. Errors in kinesthetic transformations for hand apposition. NeuroReport 1994;6:177-181.
  • Flanders M, Helms Tillery SI, Soechting JF. Early stages in a sensorimotor transformation. Behav Brain Sci. 1991;15:309-362.
  • Helms Tillery SI, Flanders M, Soechting JF. A coordinate system for the synthesis of visual and kinesthetic information. J Neurosci. 1991;11:770-778.
  • Soechting JF, Tillery SIH, Flanders M. Transformation from head- to shoulder centered representation of target direction in arm movements. J Cogn Neurosci. 1990;2:32-43.
Stephen Helms Tillery