Samantha Montoya

Entering Class - 2019

E-MAIL:  [email protected]

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

Kenyon College, B.A. in Neuroscience, 2019

Graduate Advisor:

Michael-Paul Schallmo, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry
Stephen Engel, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Graduate Publications

  • Montoya SA, Mulder CB, Lee MS, Schallmo MP, Engel SA. Adapting to visual noise alleviates visual snow. Invest Ophthalmol Vis Sci. 2023 Dec 1;64(15):23.
  • Schallmo MP, Weldon KB, Kamath RS, Moser HR, Montoya SA, Killebrew KW, Demro C, Grant AN, Marjańska M, Sponheim SR, Olman CA. The psychosis human connectome project: Design and rationale for studies of visual neurophysiology. Neuroimage. 2023 May 15;272:120060.
  • Hill-Jarrett TG, Ng R, Cardenas-Iniguez C, Akinsanya J, Blanco I, Borland JM, Brown JS, Clemons T, Cushnie AK, Garcia J, George B, Hassinan CW, Hines TJ, Landayan D, McCorkle TA, Meckel KR, Metcalfe M, Montoya SA, Rose DK, Warren DR. A developmental approach to diversifying neuroscience through effective mentorship practices: perspectives on cross-identity mentorship and a critical call to action. Front Integr Neurosci. 2023 Feb 8;17:1052418.


Oral Presentations

  • Montoya SA. Multi-voxel pattern analysis of center-surround processing in psychosis. Colloquium, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, Univ. of MN, 2021
  • Montoya SA. Optimizing date visualizations for low vision: Alternative to color mapping. Oster Lifelong Learning Institute, 2021


Montoya SA, Moser HR, Sponheim SR, Engel SA, Schallmo, M-P. Multi-voxel pattern analysis of center-surround processing in psychosis. Journal of Vision 2021;21(9):1997. Vision Sciences Society Meeting (virtual).

Graduate Awards:

Dean's Distinguished Graduate Fellowship 2019-2020

Vision Training Grant, National Eye Institute 2020-2021

Diversifying the Community of Neuroscience Award  2021

NRT NSF Training Grant, CATSS  2021-present