Laura Gilchrist

Ph.D. 1996

Thesis Title:

Structure, Function and Development of Octopamine-Immunoreactive Neurons in the Medicinal Leech

Current Position:

Professor, Doctor of Physical Therapy Program, St. Catherine University

Clinical Research Scientist, Children's Hospitals and Clinics, Hematology/Oncology Program

Major Advisor(s):

Karen Mesce, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Crisp KM, Klukas KA, Gilchrist LS, Nartey AJ, Mesce KA. Distribution and development of dopamine- and octopamine-synthesizing neurons in the medicinal leech. J Comp Neurol. 2002;442(2):115-129.
  • Mesce KA, Crisp KM, Gilchrist LS. Mixtures of octopamine and serotonin have nonadditive effects on the CNS of the medicinal leech. J Neurophysiol. 2001;85(5):2039-46.
  • Lehman HK, Klukas KA, Gilchrist LS, Mesce KA. Steroid regulation of octopamine expression during metamorphic development of the moth Manduca sexta. J Comp Neurol. 2000;424:283-96.
  • Gilchrist LS, Mesce KA. Coactivation of putative octopamine- and serotonin-containing interneurons in the medicinal leech. J Neurophysiol. 1997;78(4):2108-2115.
  • Gilchrist LS, Klukas KA, Jellies J, Rapus J, Eckert M, Mesce KA. Distribution and developmental expression of octopamine-immunoreactive neurons in the central nervous system of the leech. J Comp Neurol. 1995 Mar 13;353(3):451-63.
Laura Gilchrist