Uzma Samadani

Associate Professor, Department of Neurosurgery

E-MAIL:  [email protected]
Advising Statement

Research Interests:

To prevent, classify and treat brain injury ranging from concussion to coma.  The core work in my lab focuses on the development of objective markers of injury that can be used to assess whether preventative measures (such as neck strengthening in young athletes) are working to reduce concussion; to differentiate pathophysiology so that treatments can be targeted appropriately; and to characterize injury so that decisions dependent on functional recovery can be objective.

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Selected Publications:

(For a comprehensive list of recent publications, refer to PubMed, a service provided by the National Library of Medicine.)

  • Mahan MY, Rafter DJ, Truwit CL, Oswood M, Samadani U. Evaluation of diffusion measurements reveals radial diffusivity indicative of microstructural damage following acute, mild traumatic brain injury. Magn Reson Imaging. 2021 Apr;77:137-147.
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Uzma Samadani