Jack Grinband

Ph.D. 2002

Thesis Title:

Resolving the Structural States of Myosin

Current Position:

Assistant Professor, Department of Radiology, Columbia University

Major Advisor(s):

David Thomas, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • Grinband J., Teichert T. (2012) Interpreting cognitive subtractions in BOLD functional imaging. (under review).
  • Teichert T., Grinband J. (2012) Humans optimize decision-making by delaying decision onset. (under review).
  • Grinband J., Savitskaya, J., Wager TD., Teichert T., Ferrera VP., Hirsch J. (2011) Conflict, error likelihood, and RT: Response to Brown & Yeung et al. NeuroImage. 57(2):320-322.
  • Grinband J., Savitskaya, J., Wager TD., Teichert T., Ferrera VP., Hirsch J. (2011) The dorsal medial prefrontal cortex is sensitive to time on task, not response conflict or error likelihood. NeuroImage. 57(2):303-311.
  • Egner T, Ely S, Grinband J (2010) Going, going, gone: characterizing the time-course of congruency sequence effects. Frontiers in Cognition. 1:154.
  • Teichert T, Grinband J, Hirsch J, Ferrera VP (2010) Effects of heartbeat and respiration on macaque fMRI: implications for functional connectivity. Neuropsychologia, 48(7):1886-94
  • Grinband J, Wager T, Lindquist M, Ferrera VP, Hirsch J (2008) Detection of time-varying signals in event-related fMRI designs.  NeuroImage.  43(3):509-20.
  • Ferrera V, Grinband J, Teichert T, Pestilli F, Dashnaw S, Hirsch J. (2008) Functional imaging with reinforcement, eyetracking, and physiological monitoring. J Vis Exp. 13(21). pii: 992.
  • Kelly CR, Grinband J, Hirsch J (2007) Repeated exposure to media violence is associated with diminished response in an inhibitory frontolimbic network.  PloS ONE 2(12):e1268.
  • Ferrera VP, Grinband J (2006) Walk the line: parietal neurons respect category boundaries. Nature Neuroscience. 9(10):1207-1208.
Jack Grinband