Alumni Outcomes & Current Positions

The training philosophy of the GPN is to provide each student with a particularly strong start to their neuroscientific career with the training they will need to excel wherever their career path leads, whether it be to academics, industry, policy, or elsewhere.

"“My time in the GPN provided a broad, in-depth, and student-focused education in neuroscience. Most importantly, the GPN is where I learned to think like a scientists and formed a life-long network of peers and faculty mentors who continue even now to have positive impacts on my career!”

Tiffany Schmidt, PhD. 2010: Associate Professor, Department of Neurobiology, Northwester University, Chicago, IL

"The GPN provided me with the broad academic background and focused research experience that I needed to develop as a young scientist, and the enthusiasm of the faculty and other students created an exciting environment in which to begin my research career."
Bruno Averbeck, Ph.D. 2001; Unit Chief, National Institute of Mental Health

 Career Choices of GPN PhD Graduates*
Academic Faculty7133.2
In Postdoctoral/Residency Training4621.5
Science-Related Non-Research167.5
Practicing Physician177.9
Life Sciences Industry4320.1
Academic Administration/Staff146.5
Totals 214100
*This table includes GPN graduates since program inception in 1986. Academic faculty includes individuals who hold faculty positions at institutions of higher education in the US and abroad. Science-related non-research includes patent law, technology transfer, business development, scientific writing, science policy and other similar careers.

Alumni Current Positions

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Current Position

Joanna Abrams - 2008St. Louis Community College
Science/Physical Education Departments
Sandra Alcala - 2009U.S. House of Representatives
Chief of Staff, Rep. Filemon Vela
Fatou Amar - 2015Columbia University Medical Center
Pathology and Cell Biology
Postdoctoral Associate
Brian Andersen - 2013Massachusetts General
Neuro-oncology Fellowship
Michelle Davies (Arnhold) - 2008University of Wisconsin Superior
Departments of Neuroscience & Physiology
Associate Professor
Bruno Averbeck - 2001National Institutes of Health
Principal Investigator
Habiba Azab - 2019Baylor College of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow
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Amanda Barks - 2020University of Minnesota
Medical Student
Justin Barnes - 2011Medical Science Liaison, Tris Pharma
Alexandra Basford - 2008Macmillan Science Communication
Assistant Publisher
Lisa Bellavance English - 1997Just HealthTech, LLC
Founder & Principal Medical Writer
Kyle Biesecker - 2016Navigant
Senior Consultant
Rachael Blackman - 2013Brown University,
Department of Psychiatry
Adult Psychiatry Residency Program
Murray Blackmore - 2005Marquette University
Department of Biomedical Sciences
Associate Professor
Krista Bluske - 2012Curation Scientist, Illumina
Elias Boroda - 2019Postdoctoral Researcher
Department of Psychiatry
University of Minnesota
Mark Brady - 1999North Dakota State University
Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Katya Brunette - 2009University of Nebraska Medical Center, Surgery Department
Research Technician
Terence Burns - 2007Assistant Professor of Neurosurgery, Assistant Professor Neuroscience, Department of Neurologic Surgery, Mayo Clinic
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Bridget Campion - 2009Covance, Inc
Medical Writer II
Danita Carlson - 1993Allina - Park Nicollet Clinic
MD - Internal Medicine and Geriatrics
Erik Carlson - 2008University of Washington, Department of Psychiatry
Assistant Professor
Ian Cheong - 2018Johns Hopkins
School of Medicine
Resident, Neurology
Zoe Christenson Wick - 2019Mt. Sinai
Icahn School of Medicine
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ben Clark - 2009University of Minnesota, IACUC
Office of the Vice President of Research
Assistant Director
John Patrick (JP) Clark - 2004University of California, San Francisco
Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
Assistant Adjunct Professor & Surgical Neurophysiologist
Nathan Connors - 2004NCC Medical & Scientific Communications LLC
Owner/Medical Writer
Jennifer Cook - 2019Syracuse University
Assistant Professor
Michelle Corkrum - 2019University of Minnesota
Medical School Student
Patricia Costello - 2003Walden University
Psychology Program Director
Samuel Cramer - 2014University of Minnesota
Neurological Surgery Resident
Kevin Crisp - 2003St. Olaf College
Biology Department and Neuroscience Program
Program Director, Associate Professor
David Crowe - 2001Augsburg College
Department of Biology
Associate Professor
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Robert Dado - 1992Private Practice
Steve Davidson - 2009University of Cincinnati
Department of Anesthesiology, Assistant Professor
Nancy Day - 2011Whitman College
Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Stacy Decker - 2012Baylor College of Medicine
Postdoctoral Associate
Adele DeNicola - 2019University of Minnesota
Postdoctoral Fellow
Robert Dunbar - 2002University of Minnesota - Rochester
Center for Learning Innovation
Associate Professor
Caitlin Durkee - 2019University of California San Francisco
Postdoctoral Associate
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Kevin Engel - 2001Hennepin County Medical Center
Chief of Ophthalmology
University of Minnesota
Department of Ophthalmology
Assistant Professor
Alan Ernst - 2001California Northstate University, College of Medicine, Department of Anatomy
Assistant Professor
Rogene Eichler West - 1996Brain Health Northwest, LLC
Clinical Neuroscientist and Founding Partner
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Erwin Ferri - 2009Elsa Luis and Associates, LLC
Grant Writing Associate
Austin Ferro - 2020Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Postdoctoral Associate
Antonio Fortes - 2005Millenium Capital Management
Senior Portfolio Manager
Dan Franc - 2008Pacific Neuroscience Institute.Co-Director, Adult Hydrocephalus Center, Department of Neurology
Ada Fraticelli - 2001Engineering Psychologist, U.S. Navy
Stephanie Fretham - 2010
Luther College
Department of Biology
Associate Professor
Joe Fullmer - 2004SUNY Upstate Medical University, Syracuse, NY
Assistant Professor of Pathology, Assistant Director of Neuropathology/Muscle Pathology, Associate Residency Program Director of Pathology
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Marc Galeazza - 1994IBM
Managing Consultant
Julia Gamache - 2019Duke University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Scott Gehler - 2004Augustana College
Department of Biology
Associate Professor
James Gielissen - 2009St Paul College
Department of Biology
Adjunct faculty
Laura Gilchrist - 1996St. Catherine University
Professor, Director of the Doctor of Physical Therapy Program
Virginia Goettl - 1996The Ohio State University-Wexner Medical Center
Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Experimental Therapeutics Research Laboratory
Research Associate
Jose Gomez - 2000St. Mary's Medical Center, Duluth
Critical Care Medicine/Intensive Care Physician
Timothy Gomez - 1995University of Wisconsin - Madison
Waisman Center
Professor of Neuroscience
Cory Goracke-Postle - 2007University of Minnesota
Office of the Vice President for Research
Research Director
Matthew Green - 2018Duke University
Postdoctoral Associate
Susan Griemel - 2014University of Minnesota
Project Manager
Jack Grinband - 2002Columbia University
Department of Neurology/Radiology
Assistant Professor
Kellie Gross - 2017University of Wisconsin - Milwaukee
Department of Psychology
Postdoctoral Fellow
Rachel Groth - 2006Centers for Therapeutic Innovation, Pfizer, Inc.
Senior Principal Scientist
Eric Gustafson - 2009University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Research Scientist
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Matthew Hagen - 2004University of Cincinnati UC College of Medicine
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
Assistant Professor
Maureen Handoko - 2012Baylor College of Medicine
Pediatric Neurology, Pediatric Epilepsy Fellow, Texas Childrens Hospital
Leah Hanson - 2001Regions Hospital
Director, Alzheimer's Research
Brendan Hasz - 2020CH Robinson
Data Scientist
Valerie Hedges - 2011Northern Michigan University
Assistant Professor
Stephen Helms Tillery - 1994Arizona State University
School of Biological and Health Systems Engineering
Associate Professor
Dori Henderson - 2001University of Minnesota
MnDRIVE Program Manager
Angela Hewitt - 2013Mayo Clinic - Child Neurology
Katherine Himes - 2007American Association for the Advancement of Science (AAAS, Science and Technology Policy Overseas Fellowship
Science and Technology Diplomacy Fellow
Abbey Holt - 2016University of Oxford
Medical Research Council Brain Network Dynamics Unit
Postdoctoral Scientist
Katie Howe (Mitschele) - 2010
Be The Match (National Marrow Donor Program)
Immunogenetic Operations and Research
Senior Search Strategist
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Marissa Iden Boulware - 2007Medical College of Wisconsin
Obstetrics and Gynecology
Research Assistant II
Anna Ingebretson - 2017University of Minnesota
Center for Addiction Neuroscience (UMnCAN)
Postdoctoral Research Associate
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Jadin Jackson - 2006Medtronic
Senior Manager of Neuroscience and Data Science
Elizabeth Jansen - 1997Macalester College
Biology - Mayo Innovation Scholars Program
Assistant Professor
Trenton Jerde - 2004Senior Editor, Nature Machine Intelligence, Springer Nature
Lisa Johanek - 2004Medtronic
Principal Medical Affairs Specialist
Adam Johnson - 2008

Boston University, Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Bethel University
Psychology Department
Assistant Professor

Nathan Jorgensen - 2007Vor Bio
Chief Financial Officer
Lyric Jorgenson - 2005National Institutes of Health
Deputy Director of the Office of Science Policy
William Jurney - 2001Faculty member, Century College.
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Kristen Kallestad - 2009
Ridgeview Medical Center and Clinics, Physician
James Katter - 1993Fairview Health Services
Family Practice, Pediatric Internal Medicine
C. Dirk Keene - 2003Associate Professor, Nancy & Buster Alvord Endowed Chair in Neuropathology, Director of the Neuropathology Fellowship Program, Divison of Neuropathology, Department of Pathology
University of Washington, WA
Lois Kehl - 1996Minnesota Head and Neck Pain Clinic, University of Minnesota
U of MN Department of Anesthesiology
DDS; TMJ & Orofacial Pain Management Specialist; Assistant Professor
Bruce Kennedy - 2016Medtronics
Senior Clinical Affairs Specialist
Stephen Kerrigan - 2014Manager, Pathways Consulting, Missouri
Stanislav Kholmanskikh - 2002Weill Cornell Medical College
Assistant Professor of Research
Holly Kordasiewicz - 2006
Isis Pharmaceuticals
Associate Director
Tess Kornfield - 2015thredUP
Data Scientist
Marcos Kuroki - 2013Pennsylvania State College of Medicine
Milton S Hershey Medical Center, General Surgery Residency Program
Zeb Kurth-Nelson - 2009DeepMind Technologies, London U.K. Research Scientist
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Aaron Lambert - 2015Harvard University
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Fred Langheim - 2004UW School of Medicine and Public Health Madison, WI
Department of Psychiatry
Medical Director C&L Psychiatry, Staff Psychiatrist, Clinical Adjunct Assistant Professor
Erin Larson - 2006University of Minnesota
Neuroscience Behavorial Core
Heather Leong - 2011Oklahoma State University
Med School - student
Therissa Libby - 2005Metropolitan State University
Human Services, Alcohol and Drug Counseling
Assistant Professor
David Linden - 1999Mayo Clinic School of Medicine
Physiology and Biomedical Engineering
Associate Professor of Physiology
Justin Lines - 2020Columbia University
Jessie Luoma - 2010Stanford University
Postdoctoral Associate
Jessica Lynch - 2006Janssen Pharmaceutical Companies of Johnson and Johnson
Associate Scientific Director
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Carol Ma(Huifang) - 2006Dentist, Private Practise
Chani Maher (Becker) - 2016Q-State Biosciences
Senior Director, Search and Evaluation
Marcela Maldonado (Barajas) - 2009Prolacta Bioscience
Quality Control Principle Analyst
Peter Malen - 1997Viksnins Harris Padys Malen LLP
Partner & Patent Attorney
Bonnie Marsick - 2010ScienCell Research Laboratories
Associate Director, Research Scientist
Nora McCall - 2019University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Associate
Madison Merfeld - 2023Bio-Techne
Scientific Support Specialist
Monica Metea - 2006

Smithers Viscient, Environmental Fate and Metabolism, Director

Owner, Preclinical Electrophysiology Consulting, LLC

Nancy Michael (Staffend) - 2012University of Notre Dame - College of Science
Department of Biological Sciences
Assistant Teaching Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies Neuroscience and Behavior
Eric Miller - 2013University of Alabama at Birmingham
Postdoctoral Fellow
Anusha Mishra - 2011Oregon Health & Science University
Knight Cardiovascular Institute
Assistant Professor
Craig Moodie - 2014Stanford University
Postdoctoral Research Fellow
Elisabeth Moore - 2019Harvard University
Postdoctoral Associate
Kelsey Moore - 2018Allergan, Associate Medical Science Liaison
Leigh Ann Mrotek - 2005Marquette University
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Research Professor
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Vivek Nagaraj - 2017Artificial Intelligence Scientist, Honeywell Aerospace
Jennifer Nagode - 2003Private Practice
Amy Naleid (MacDonald) - 2005Wayzata Public Schools
SDC Program
CMS Social Worker
Thomas Naselaris - 2005Medical University of South Carolina
Associate Professor
Morgan Newhoff - 2020Recent Graduate
Meredith Noetzel - 2009Insight Genetics Inc
Quality and Regulatory Affairs Manager
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Scott Oakman - 1997

Hennipen County Medical Center, Regions Hospital, Psychiatry Training Program
MD, Program Director

University of Minnesota, Department of Psychiatry, Assistant Professor

Catherine Ojakangas - 1992University of Chicago
Assistant Professor, Research Associate
Cheryl Olman - 2003University of Minnesota
CLA Psychology
Associate Professor
Timothy Olson - 2000Interventional Spine Care
Anesthesiology, Pain Management
MD, Staff Physician
Xilma Ortiz-Gonzalez - 2004The Children's Hospital of Philadelphia - Research Institute
Center for Mitochondrial and Epigenomic Medicine (CMEM)
MD, Assistant Professor
Aaron Overland - 2010Essen Bioscience, Ann Arbor
Senior Application Scientist
Ed Overstreet - 2000Overstreet Consulting, Neurelec/Oticon Medical
Product Management, FDA Regulatory Affairs and Advanced Product Development
President, Engineer
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Andrew Papale - 2015University of Pittsburgh
Postdoctoral Associate
Marc Parent - 2010Research and Development,
Sandia National Laboratories
Min-Yoon Park - 2020Johns Hopkins University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Ann Parsons - 1996University of Wisconsin - Stout
Biology Department
Rachel Penrod-Martin - 2012Medical University of South Carolina, Department of Neuroscience                Research Assistant Professor
Claudio Perez-Leighton - 2012Universidad Andres Bello, Chile
Assistant Professor
Judit Perez-Ortiz - 2016Mayo Clinic
Resident, Child Neurology, Research Track
Brittni Peterson - 2016University of St. Thomas, Adjunct Professor; Program Manager, Office of Discovery and Translation
Marc Pisansky - 2016University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Postdoctoral Fellow
James Pomonis - 1998American Preclinical Services
Senior Director, Pharmacology Services
Nicholas Port - 1997Indiana University
School of Optometry
Associate Professor
Carl Potenzieri - 2009National Institutes of Health
NIH National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Stroke
Health Program Specialist
Nate Powell - 2015University of British Columbia
Postdoctoral Fellow
Joshua Puhl - 2011College of the Sequoias
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Anna Radke (Harrison) - 2011Miami University, Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Robert Raike - 2004Medtronic, Neuromodulation
Principal Scientist
Paul Regier - 2015University of Pennsylvania
Postdoctoral Associate
Ken Reinert - 2006LendPro LLC, Pittsburgh
Softward Analyst and Computational Neuroscientist
Patrick Rothwell - 2010University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Assistant Professor
Audrey Royer (Smith)- 2011Writer
Mount Penguin Press
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Jose San Miguel-Ruiz - 2014University of Minnesota
Orthopedic Residency Program
Catherine Satterfield - 2008Hoya Vision Care
Manager of Customer Development
Michael Paul Schallmo - 2014University of Minnesota
Department of Psychology
Assistant Professor
Tiffany Schmidt - 2010Northwestern University
Department of Neurobiology
Assistant Professor
Neil Schmitzer-Torbert - 2004Wabash College
Associate Professor, Department Chair
Blaine Schneider - 2011Philips
Manager of Disease State Research
Cicely Schramm - 2010Essen BioScience
Principal Scientist
Kristin Schreiber - 2004Brigham and Women's Hospital
Anesthesia and Pain Management
MD, Anesthesiologist, Clinical Regional Fellow, Research Fellow
Katrina Schrode - 2014Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Center for Hearing and Balance
Postdoctoral Fellow
Dan Schuster - 2013Medtronic
Senior Clinical Research Specialist
Sharad Shanbhag - 1999Northeast Ohio Medical University
Research Assistant Professor
Jennifer Schumacher - 20103M
Research Specialist
Robert Shannon - 20123M
Research Scientist
Samuel Shuster - 1999Neuromics, Inc.
Amila Silva - 1999Kaiser Ontario Medical Center
Ophthalmologist, Chief of Ophthalmology
Lawrence Silvermintz - 2002Software Engineer, Biomedical Inventor and Technical Writer
Balvindar Singh - 2019Univeristy of Minnesota
Medical School Student
Romina Sosa - 2005Baylor College of Medicine
Hematology and Oncology
Assistant Professor
Rebecca Speltz Paiz - 2020University of Minnesota
Medical Student
Anja Srienc - 2015Washington University School of Medicine
Neurosurgery Resident
Adam Steiner - 2014Minnesota State University, Mankato, Assistant Professor
Chris Stern - 2010L.E.K. Consulting
Engagement Manager, Biopharma and Life Sciences
Eric Stevens - 2007Oroville, CA
MD Ophthalmologist
Laura Stone - 1999University of Minnesota
Department of Anesthesiology
Laura Stone - 2014University of Minnesota
Department of Cardiothoracic Surgery
Postdoctoral Research Associate
Jeff Stott - 2015Dartmouth
Postdoctoral Fellow
Martha Streng - 2017University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Postdoctoral Fellow
Cheryl Stucky - 1995Medical College of Wisconsin
Dept of Cell Biology, Neurobiology & Anatomy
Professor, Director of Neuroscience Doctoral Program
Steve Sullivan - 2011Oregon Health Sciences University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Brian Sweis - 2018Icahn School of Medicine at Mt. Sinai, Resident in Psychiatry
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Serena Thompson - 2009Medical College of Wisconsin
Department of Neurology
Assistant Professor
Andy Thorpe - 2004Celgene, Richmond, VA
Senior Medical Affairs Liaison
Katherine Tonn Eisinger - 2018Duke University
Postdoctoral Associate
Nathalia Torres Jimenez - 2019Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Minnesota
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Yve Ulrich-Lai - 2002University of Cinncinnati, Metabolic Diseases Institute, Department of Psychiatry and Behavioral Neuroscience
Associate Professor
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Britta Veitenheimer Rupp - 2013NAMSA
Medical Research Manager
Ruben Velazquez - 1998Puerto Rico
Toby Velte - 1995Amazon Web Services
Enterprise Account Executive
Tou Yia Vue - 2010The University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center
Department of Neurosciences
Assistant Professor
Lucy Vulchanova - 1998University of Minnesota
Department of Neuroscience
Associate Professor
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Jon Waataja - 2007ReShape Lifescience, Inc.
Director of Research
Diana Wallin - 2017Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center/Dartmouth College
Department of Psychiatry
Postdoctoral Fellow
Maya (Zhe) Wang - 2020Recent Graduate
Scott Warren - 2016Brown University/Rhode Island Hospital
Resident in Neurology
Jason Weick - 2005University of New Mexico
Department of Neurosciences
Associate Professor
Katherine Weiner (Fallen) - 2014Medtronic, Senior Clinical Research Specialist
Marcus Westerman - 2001Park Nicollet-Melrose Center
Psychiatry, MD
Katie Wiens - 2006Christopher Newport University
Molecular Biology, Neurobiology
Assistant Professor
Tim Wiggin - 2015Brandeis University
Postdoctoral Fellow
Andrew Wikenheiser - 2014UCLA
Assistant Professor
Cheri Williams - 1992Oracle
Technology Executive
Christy Willoughby - 2009Streetlight Data
Data Scientist
Cheryl Wotus - 2003Seattle University
College of Engineering and Science
Associate Professor, Department of Biology
Emily Wozniak (Leathley) - 2016Product Marking Manager, Integer Holdings Corporation
Shannon Wright - 2002University of Minnesota
Integrative Biology/Physiology
MD Student Project Assistant
Mariah Wu - 2020Recent Graduate
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Michael (Seng Bum) Yoo - 2020Recent Graduate
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Roberto Zayas - 2005St. Olaf College
Piper Center for Vocation and Career
Associate Director of Entrepreneurship, Faculty Advisor for Mayo Innovations Scholars, and Pre-Law Advisor
Zachary Zeidler - 2020Recent Graduate
Jennifer Zick - 2018University of Minnesota
Resident, PSTP Program, Department of Psychiatry
Natalie Zlebnik - 2014University of Maryland School of Medicine, Baltimore, Assistant Professor, Department of Anatomy and Neurobiology
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