Andrew Venteicher, MD, PhD

Assistant Professor and Director, Center for Cranial Base Surgery; Department of Neurosurgery

E-MAIL: [email protected]

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Research Interests:

Cranial development is orchestrated through the expression of key neurodevelopmental programs in tissue stem and progenitor cells, which go on to generate a highly organized cellular architecture.  This system can go awry during the process of tumorigenesis, whereby differentiation blockade and/or enforced pluripotent state drive previously normal cells to acquire malignant potential. We seek to understand the mechanisms by which normal neurodevelopmental programs are hijacked in tumorigenesis, and how this leads to cellular immortality, tumor growth, and treatment resistance.

We specialize in a variety of emerging genomics technologies, single cell approaches, protein biochemistry, and new technique development to understand the epigenetic and transcriptional programs that lead to tumorigenesis in the central nervous system. We focus on studying actual human tissue samples, alongside more traditional cell culture models in vitro and preclinical animal models, to maximize clinical relevance and our ability to translate discoveries into actionable new therapeutic targets for patients.

Selected Publications:

  • Dhawan S, Alattar AA, Bartek J Jr, Ma J, Bydon M, Venteicher AS, Chen CC. Racial disparity in recommendation for surgical resection of skull base chondrosarcomas: A Surveillance, Epidemiology, and End Results (SEER) analysis. J Clin Neurosci. 2021 Dec;94:186-191.
  • Dhawan S, Venteicher AS, Butler WE, Carter BS, Chen CC. Clinical outcomes as a function of the number of samples taken during stereotactic needle biopsies: a meta-analysis. J Neurooncol. 2021 Aug;154(1):1-11.
  • Araki T, Sangtian J, Ruanpeng D, Tummala R, Clark B, Burmeister L, Peterson D, Venteicher AS, Kawakami Y. Acute elevation of interleukin 6 and matrix metalloproteinase 9 during the onset of pituitary apoplexy in Cushing's disease. Pituitary. 2021 May 26. doi: 10.1007/s11102-021-01157-0.
  • Butterfield JT, Chen CC, Grande AW, Jagadeesan B, Tummala R, Venteicher AS. The rate of symptomatic ischemic events after passing balloon test occlusion of the major intracranial arteries: Meta-analysis. World Neurosurg. 2021 Feb;146:e1182-e1190.
  • Redjal N, Venteicher AS, Dang D, Sloan A, Kessler RA, Baron RR, Hadjipanayis CG, Chen CC, Ziu M, Olson JJ, Nahed BV. Guidelines in the management of CNS tumors. J Neurooncol. 2021 Feb;151(3):345-359.
  • Venteicher AS, Goldschmidt E, Gardner PA. Far lateral approach (transcondylar, transtubercular) for bypass and trapping of a ruptured, dissecting PICA aneurysm. J Neurol Surg B Skull Base. 2021 Feb;82(Suppl 1):S41-S42.
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