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Mustafa al'Absi Psychobiology of stress, pain, nicotine addiction and risk for heart disease.
Bagrat Amirikian Neural networks and motion.
Alfonso Araque Regulation of synaptic function by astrocyte-neuron interactions.

James Ashe

Neural control of action.

Karen Hsiao Ashe

Alzheimer's disease and aging: animal and cellular models.

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Alessandro Bartolomucci Molecular mechanisms of obesity and stress-induced pathologies; VGF-derived peptides; Brown adipose tissue

Thomas Bastian

Nutritional and Metabolic regulation of brain development .

Martina Bazzaro

Regulation of cytoskeletal dynamics in neurons .

Mark Bee

Acoustic communicatioin, aggression, animal behavior, auditory perception, auditory neurophysiology, behavioral plasticity, social behavior.

David Bond Bipolar disorder; magnetic resonance imaging; magnetic resonance spectroscopy; cardiovascular risk factors; inflammation; biomarkers; causal modelling

David Brown

Neuroregulation of host defense and microbial colonization at mucosal surfaces.

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Ruifeng Cao

Neurodevelopmental disorders, circadian rhythms and sleep, traumatic brain injury

Marilyn Carroll

Behavioral pharmacology and drug dependence:Animal models.

Matthew Chafee Neural basis of spatial cognition and working memory, cortical system dysfunction in psychiatric disease.
Clark Chen
Reciprocal communications between brain tumor cells and the central nervous system microenvironment
Lihsia Chen
Adhesion; cytoskeleton; neuronal migration; synapse formation.
Zhe Chen
Mechanisms of neural circuit formation
Kathryn Cullen Depression, adolescence, self-injury, brain development, neural circuitry, neuroplasticity 
Marija Cvetanovic Astroglial pathology in neurodegeneration.
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David Darrow Treat chronic pain, epilepsy, Parkinson's disease, and mental health conditions such as depression, anxiety, and addiction.
Janet Dubinsky Mechanisms of neuronal degeneration following toxicity or injury.  Metabolic contributions to neurodegeneration.  Huntington's Disease.
Angeline Dukes Foster a community at UMN that welcomes, supports, and empowers all students, but especially those with historically marginalized identities, both in and out of the classroom.
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Timothy Ebner Neurophysiology of cerebellum and motor cortex.
Jed Elison Infancy, brain development, autism, neurodevelopmental disorders, attention, social cognition
Stephen Engel Human perception, visual plasticity, learning, and expertise; functional MRI.
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Damien Fair Mechanisms and principles that underlie the developing brain
Carolyn Fairbanks Glutamate-induced plasticity governing induction chronic pain as well as opioid-induced tolerance and addiction.
S.H. Fatemi

The biology of schizophrenia, autism, and other neurodevelopmental disorders.

Janet Fitzakerley Properties of potassium channels expressed by cochlear nucleus neurons during development.
William Frey II Intranasal delivery: bypassing the blood-brain barrier to treat Alzheimer's disease.
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Laura Gammill Molecular regulation of neural crest formation, migration and guidance.
Michael Georgieff Iron deficiency and the developing hippocampus.
Apostolos Georgopoulos Neurophysiology of motor control and cognition.
Geoff Ghose Neurophysiology of vision and cognition.
Rocio Gomez-Pastor Protein aggregation and neuronal death in Huntington’s Disease
Paloma Gonzalez-Bellido Target tracking, behavior, and visually guided predation in invertebrates
Andrew Grande Primary research interest is the use of stem cells and stem cell biology for the treatment of stroke.
Steven Graves Primary research interests include mechanisms of neurodegeneration and plasticity.
Nicola Grissom Neurobiology and cognition in mouse models of neuropsychiatric disorders
Stephanie Groman Neurobiology and developmental mechanisms of addiction susceptibility.
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Arif Hamid Dopamine, Reinforcement Learning, Agency Learning, Striatum, Cortex, Thalamus
Andrew Harris Behavioral pharmacology, animal models of drug addiction
Sheng He Human vision and attention; visual awareness; cognitive neuroscience.
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William G. Iacono Psychophysiology of mental disorders.
Paul Iaizzo Translational systems physiology research ranging from cellular and tissue studies to organ and whole body investigations.
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Suma Jacob Neurodevelopment, transdiagnostic conditions that modulate behavioral flexibility, compulsivity, social learning.
Matthew Johnson Developing neuromodulation technologies for treating neurological disorders .
Harald Junge Neurovascular interactionsin normal and diseased retina, blood-CNS barriers, angiogenesis, and Wnt and Norrin signaling
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Peter Kang Genetics of muscular dystrophy and Notch pathway in muscle disease
Madhu Kannan Synergistic dynamics of targeted cell classes in cognitive function.
Prakash Kara Mechanisms of sensory perception and neurovascular coupling in the mammalian brain
Kendrick Kay Neuroimaging; computational modeling; low- and high-level vision; attention
Aaron Kerlin Dendritic computations critical to learning
Daniel Kersten Perception; computational vision; neural networks.
Suhasa Kodandaramaiah Technologies for neural interfacing at multiple scales from single neurons to the whole brain.
Paulo Kofuji Ion channels and sensory transduction
Juergen Konczak Development of sensorimotor function; neurological movement disorders.
Michael Koob Neurogenetics; animal models of dementia; molecular pathways in the AD pathogenic cascade
Catherine Kotz Central nervous system regulation of energy balance.
Esther Krook-Magnuson Interneurons and neuronal networks, epilepsy, essential tremor.
Sidney Kuo Visual processing in the retina; synapses; glia
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Lorene Lanier Developmental plasticity.
David Largaespada Insertional mutagenesis and transgenesis for cancer gene discovery and analysis.
Alice Larson Pain, stress, hormones, mast cells, fibromyalgia, brown adipose.
Anna Lee Neuropharmacology of drug addiction and behavior.
Gordon Legge Vision research, impaired vision.
Julia Lemos

Stress, motivation, neuropeptides, neural circuits, behavior

Sylvain Lesne

Molecular and cellular mechanisms triggered by aggregation-prone proteins in neurodegenerative disorders.

Danni Li Biomarkers of aging, Alzheimer' disease, and exercise
Ling Li

Connections between Alzheimer's disease, diabetes, and atherosclerosis: Pathogenesis and therapeutics.

Dezhi Liao Opioid modulation of dendritic spines.
Hubert Lim Neural prostheses, auditory neuroscience, neural plasticity.
Kelvin Lim The study of white matter and its involvement in the pathophysiology of neuropsychiatric disorders.
Wensheng Lin Unfolded protein response in neurological diseases.
Shmuel Lissek Neurobiology of human anxiety focusing on conditioning markers of clinical anxiety.
Glenn Lobo Neuro-Retinal Degenerative Diseases, Motor Proteins, Small Molecule Chaperones, Ciliopathies, Genetics of Usher Syndrome and Syndromic Retinitis Pigmentosa, CRISPR Zebrafish and Mouse models.
Walter Low Neurodegenerative diseases, regenerative medicine, neural stem cell biology.
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Angus MacDonald Cognitive control, paranoia, schizophrenia, cognitive affective and social neuroscience, behavioral genetics.
Colum MacKinnon

Neurophysiology and mechanics of movement preparation, initiation and execution in people with movement disorders.

Silvia Mangia Functional MRI and functional MRS to study the human brain.
Mark Masino Functional and structural organization of locomotor spinal circuits.
Linda McLoon

Eye movement disorders, muscle disease, muscle stem cells

Robert Meisel

Neurobiology of motivation and synaptic plasticity.

Paul Mermelstein Synaptic plasticity; neuroendocrinology; gene expression.
Karen Mesce Neural systems and neurodevelopment.
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Yashushi Nakagawa Molecular mechanisms of mammalian forebrain development.
Thomas Naselaris Cognitive computational neuroscience
Theoden Netoff Epilepsy using brain slice models.
Eric Newman

Glial cell physiology; regulation of cerebral blood flow; diabetic retinopathy.

Jessica Nielson Computational psychiatry, trauma neurobiology, psychedelic neuroscience
Duane Nykamp Developing methods to model and simulate neural networks, and to characterize biological neural networks.
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Cheryl Olman Biological basis of functional magnetic resonance imaging; modulation of low level visual responses by scene perception.
Harry Orr Molecular genetics of cerebellar function/dysfunction with an emphasis on polyglutamine neurodegenerative disease.
John Osborn Autonomic regulation of the circulation.
Gulin Oz High field magnetic resonance spectroscopy, biomarkers of neurodegeneration, cerebral glucose and glycogen metabolism in diabetes.
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Christina Pacak We use iPSCs and mice to develop gene therapies and investigate disease mechanisms.
Jose Pardo Brain imaging; cognitive neuroscience; systems neuroscience of mental disorders.
Ann Parr Spinal cord injury, neural stem cells, oligodendrocytes, cell transplantation.
Giuseppe Pellizzer Psychophysical and neurophysiological approaches to the production of movement.
Rita Perlingeiro Neuromuscular disorders: regeneration and disease modeling
Philip Portoghese Selective opioid ligands and opioid receptors.
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Raghu Rao Regional brain development under typical and adverse conditions.
A. David Redish

Dynamics of neural representation from brains to behavior.

Jocelyn Richard

Neural signaling and circuits underlying motivation, affect and learning

Patrick Rothwell Modulation of striatal circuits in health and disease.
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Uzma Samadani Prevention, classification, and treatment of brain injury
Ben Saunders Neural circuits of motivation
Michael-Paul Schallmo Vision, schizophrenia, autism spectrum disorders studied using EEG and functional MRI
Daniel Schmidt Engineering proteins to map and control brain function.

Paul Schrater

Human and machine perception and action.

Audrey Sederberg

Theoretical models for the dynamics and function of neuronal networks

Donald Simone Neural mechanisms of pain sensation.
Gordon Smith Development of large-scale cortical networks
Sade Spencer

Behavioral pharmacology of drug addiction and psychiatric comorbidities.

Scott Sponheim

Neural system abnormalities in psychopathology

Laura Stone The mechanisms of pain, epigenetic regulation of chronic pain, and pharmacological and non-pharmacological methods of treatment.
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Stanley Thayer Neuropharmacology of calcium signals that trigger synaptic transmission and neurodegeneration.
Mark Thomas Neurobiology of drug-induced plasticity and addiction, behavioral neuroscience.
Phu Tran Effects of early-life nutritional deficiency on neural development
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Kamil Ugurbil Metabolic and functional imaging in the brain using magnetic resonance.
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Ganesh Vasan Neuronal activity underlying behavior is encoded by distinct populations comprising a myriad of excitatory and inhibitory cell classes. 
Andrew Venteicher Identifying essential neurodevelopmental programs and new vulnerabilities in CNS tumors.
Sophia Vinogradov Behavioral and neuroplastic effects of cognitive training in people with psychotic illnesses.
Jerrold Vitek

Medical and surgical treatment of movement disorders including Parkinson's disease, dystonia and tremor; application of deep brain stimulation (DBS) for the treatment of neurological disease.

Lucy Vulchanova

Pain mechanisms, neuropathic pain, neuroimmunology, neuropeptides.

Helen Vuong Microbiome and the gut-brain axis in neurodevelopment and neurological disorders.
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Trevor Wardill Neural basis of visually driven invertebrate behavior.
Martin Wessendorf Role of neuronal death in neuropathic pain.
Kevin Wickman Mechanisms and relevance of inhibitory neurotransmission.
Alik Widge

Developing new medical devices and brain stimulation techniques to re-wire the circuits of mental illness.

George Wilcox Research into the neurochemical mechanisms of chronic pain and synergistic analgesic interactions.
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Yi-Mei (Amy) Yang Neurophysiology, synaptic transmission, developmental plasticity 

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Anna Zilverstand Neuroimaging and behavioral research in human drug addiction
Jan Zimmermann Neural and behavioral decision dynamics
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