Joseph Emerson

Entering Class - 2019

E-MAIL:  [email protected]

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

Ohio Wesleyan University, B.A. in Computational Neuroscience, 2019

Graduate Advisor:

Cheryl Olman, Ph.D., Department of Psychology

Graduate Honors

ARCS Foundation Scholarship Award   2020-2021

Research Categories:

  • Computational Neuroscience
  • Neuroengineering
  • Visual Neurosciences


  • Cheryl Olman
  • Tay Netoff

What got you interested in research?

Although I originally entered my undergraduate program in the physics department, my first research experience was focused on computational modeling of focal epilepsy, which introduced me to the field of neuroscience. In working on this project, I found the research questions in neuroscience to be very compelling and promising. This experience prompted me to learn more about how mathematical and computational methods can be applied to neuroscience questions in a variety of ways.

Prior Publications:

  • Emerson J, Afelin A, Sliupas V, Fink CG. Identifying influential nodes in a network model of epilepsy. J Nonlin Sci. 1-26.

Why did you choose the University of Minnesota?

The expertise and wide range of research interests at the university drew me toward the program, and the excellent community of students and faculty confirmed my desire to choose UMN.

Student mentor and the best advice they gave:

Jessica Froula: She gave me great advice about prioritizing my study time during my first year.

Favorite Itasca memory:

Renting a pontoon boat and spending the day on the lake was definitely a highlight.