Neil Schmitzer-Torbert

Ph.D. 2004


The involvement of the rodent striatum in navigation

Current Position:

Professor, Department of Psychology, Wabash College, Indiana

Past Position(s):

Associate Professor of Psychology, Daniel F. Evans Associate Proessor in Social Sciencies, Wabash College

Major Advisor:

A. David Redish, Ph.D.

Selected Publications:

  • van der Meer MA, Johnson A, Schmitzer-Torbert NC, Redish AD. Triple dissociation of information processing in dorsal striatum, ventral striatum, and hippocampus on a learned spatial decision task. Neuron. 2010;67(1):25-32.
  • Schmitzer-Torbert NC, Redish AD. Task-dependent encoding of space and events by striatal neurons is dependent on neural subtype. Neuroscience. 2008;153(2):349-60.
  • Schmitzer-Torbert NC. Place- and response-learning in human virtual navigation: Behavioral measures and gender differences. Behav Neurosci. 2007;121(2):277-90.
  • Schmitzer-Torbert N, Jackson J, Henze D, Harris K, Redish AD. Two quantitative measures for evaluating the quality of extracellularly recorded neurons. Neuroscience. 2005;131(1):1-11.
  • Masimore B, Schmitzer-Torbert NC, Kakalios J, Redish AD.  Striatal local field potentials signal initiation of movement in rats. Neuroreport. 2005;16(18):2021-4.
  • Schmitzer-Torbert NC, Redish AD. Neuronal activity in the rodent dorsal striatum in sequential navigation: Separation of spatial and reward responses on the multiple T task.  J Neurophysiol. 2004;91(5):2259-72.
  • Schmitzer-Torbert NC, Redish AD. Development of path-stereotypy in a single day in rats on a multiple-T maze. Arch Ital Biol. 2002;140(4):295-301.
Neil Schmitzer-Torbert