Best Dissertation Award


Each year the Graduate School recognizes the University's top recent Ph.D. graduates by presenting 'best dissertation' awards.  The recipients receive an honorarium of $1,000.


Current and former students who will have been awarded the Ph.D., or who will have successfully defended and officially submitted their dissertations to the Graduate School, between July 1 and April 15, will be eligible to be nominated for any given year.


Evaluation Process

Students should send their preliminary applications to the chair of the Awards Committee ([email protected]). The Awards Committee will meet to select the nominees to be put forth at the Graduate School level.

Supplementary Application Materials (if selected)

1) Nominating letter from the program Director of Graduate Studies

2) Supporting letter from the dissertation advisor

3) A double-spaced layman's summary of up to one page, to include a section on the significance of the research and, if available, the URL of the nominee's web site

4) A description of the dissertation research and its conclusions, not to exceed ten double-spaced numbered pages (in font size no smaller than 12 point), written by the nominee, with each page bearing the nominee's name; in addition, appendices containing nontextual material, such as charts or tables, may be included


2019 - Brian Sweis

2018 - Martha Streng

2010 - Steve Davidson

2002 - Kevin Engel