Valerie Hedges

Ph.D. 2011

Thesis Title:

Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Sexual Reward

Current Position:

Associate Professor, Biology, Northern Michigan University

Undergraduate Institution and Major/Degree:

John Carroll University, BS, Biology 2005

Major Advisor(s):

Robert Meisel, Ph.D.

Conferences Attended:

  • Society for Neuroscience annual meeting- Fall 2006, 2007, 2008
  • Workshop on Steroid Hormones- Spring 2008

Committee Members:

  • Paul Mermelstein- Chair
  • Ginger Seybold
  • Mark Thomas
  • Bob Meisel- Advisor

Professional Memberships:

  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Society for Behavioral Neuroendocrinology
  • Organization for the Study of Sex Differences

Selected Publications:

  • Hedges VL, Chen G, Yu L, Krentzel AA, Starrett JR, Zhu JN, Suntharalingam P, Remage-Healey L, Wang JJ, Ebner TJ, Mermelstein PG. Local estrogen synthesis regulates parallel fiber-Purkinje cell neurotransmission within the cerebellar cortex. Endocrinology. 2018 Jan 25. doi: 10.1210/en.2018-00039.
  • Zlebnik NE, Hedges VL, Carroll ME, Meisel RL. Chronic wheel running affects cocaine-induced c-Fos expression in brain reward areas in rats. Behav Brain Res. 2014;261:71-8.
  • Meitzen J, Luoma JI, Boulware MI, Hedges VL, Peterson BM, Tuomela K, Britson KA, Mermelstein PG. Palmitoylation of estrogen receptors is essential for neuronal membrane signaling. Endocrinology. 2013;154(11):4293-304. 
  • Staffend NA, Hedges VL, Chemel BR, Watts VJ, Meisel RL. Cell-type specific increases in female hamster nucleus accumbens spine density following female sexual experience. Brain Struct Funct. 2014;219(6):2071-81. 
  • Been LE, Hedges VL, Vialou V, Nestler EJ, Meisel RL. ΔJunD overexpression in the nucleus accumbens prevents sexual reward in female Syrian hamsters. Genes Brain Behav. 2013;12(6):666-72. 
  • Meitzen J, Perry AN, Westenbroek C, Hedges VL, Becker JB, Mermelstein PG.  Enhanced striatal β1-adrenergic receptor expression following hormone loss in adulthood is programmed by both early sexual differentiation and puberty: a study of humans and rats. Endocrinology. 2013;154:1820-1831. 
  • Hedges VL, Ebner TJ, Meisel RL, Mermelstein PG. The cerebellum as a target for estrogen action. Front Neuroendocrinol. 2012;33(4):403-411.
  • Klingerman CM, Patel A, Hedges VL, Meisel RL, Schneider JE. Food restriction dissociates sexual motivation, sexual performance, and the rewarding consequences of copulation in female Syrian hamsters. Behav Brain Res. 2011 Oct 1;223(2):356-70
  • Hedges VL, Staffend NA, Meisel RL. Neural mechanisms of reproduction in females as a predisposing factor for drug addiction. Front Neuroendocrinol. 2010;31(2):217-31.
  • Hedges VL, Chakravarty S, Nestler EJ, Meisel RL. Delta FosB overexpression in the nucleus accumbens enhances sexual reward in female Syrian hamsters. Genes Brain Behav. 2009;8(4):442-9.

Home Town:

  • Bay Village, OH