Jennifer Brown

Entering Class - 2016


E-MAIL: [email protected]

PhD 2022, JD 2023

PhD Thesis

Alpha-synuclein functions as a sex-specific modulator of cognition and gene

Current Position:

Attorney at Stinson LLP, Attorneys-at-Law

PhD/JD Program

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

Skidmore College, BA, Neuroscience and Psychology, 2013

Graduate Advisor:

Sylvain Lesne, Ph.D., Department of Neuroscience
Harry Orr, Ph.D., Department of Laboratory Medicine and Pathology

Graduate Research:

Molecular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases

Graduate Publications:

  • Brown JL, Boyle GS, hard D, Brown TG, LaCroix M, Kim M, Sherman MA, Boes S, Seung M, Cole T, Lee MK, Araque A, Lesne SE. SNCA genetic lowering reveals differential cognitive function of alpha-synuclein dependent on sex. Acta Neuropathol Commun. in press, 2023.
  • David B, Curtin J, Brown J, Scorpio K, Kaddaswamy V, Coutts D, Vivinetto A, Bianchimano P, Karuppagounder S, Metcalfe M, Hill Ca. Temporary induction of hypoxic adaptations by preconditioning fails to enhance Schwann cell transplant survival in the injured rat spinal cord. 2023. In press.
  • Brown JL, Murphy KA, O'Connell TD, Lesné SE. Comment on "Activation of the omega-3 fatty acid receptor GPR120 protects against focal cerebral ischemic injury by preventing inflammation and apoptosis in mice".J Immunol. 2022 Oct 1;209(7):1229-1233.
  • Crane AT, Shen FX, Brown JL, Cormack W, Ruiz-Estevez M, Voth JP, Sawai T, Hatta T, Fujita M, Low WC. The American public is ready to accept human-animal chimera research. Stem Cell Reports. 2020 Oct 13;15(4):804-810.
  • Brown JL, Lyons CE, Toddes C, Monko T, Tyshynsky R. Reevaluating tear gas toxicity and safety. Inhal Toxicol. 2021 Sep 12:1-16.
  • Brown JL, Lyons CE, Toddes C, Monko T, Tyshynsky R. Tear gas safety and usage practices. Journal of Science Policy and Goverance. 2021;18(1):
  • Khan SS, LaCroix M, Boyle G, Sherman MA, Brown JL, Amar F, Aldaco J, Lee MK, Bloom GS, Lesné SE. Bidirectional modulation of Alzheimer phenotype by alpha-synuclein in mice and primary neurons. Acta Neuropathol. 2018;136(4):589-605.

Graduate Awards and Honors:

  • 2022 Science and Society Award, National Association of Science Writers
  • 2022 Mary A. McEvoy Award for Public Engagement and Leadership, University of Minnesota
  • 2022 President’s Student Leadership and Service Award, University of Minnesota
  • Honorable Mention, 2022 National EPPLA Award, American Institute of Biological Sciences
  • 2022 GPN Community Engagement Award
  • National Institutes of Health Ruth L. Kirschstein Predoctoral Individual National Research Service Award (1F31NS125963)
  • Sping and Ying Ngoh Lin Award, Graduate Program in Neuroscience, University of Minnesota
  • 3d Place, 2021 National Op-Ed writing competition, Research!America
  • 2021 Society for Neuroscience Early Career Policy Ambassador
  • 2020 Symposium Flash Talk People’s Choice Award, National Science Policy Network
  • Dean’s Distinguished Scholarship, Kahn Scholarship in Law & Science Fund & Fredrikson Scholarship, University of Minnesota Law School

Undergraduate Awards:

  • Joseph C. Palamountain all-college writing award (2013), Amy Eisenberg Memorial Award in psychology (2013), Thoroughbred Society for varsity athletes, departmental honors in Neuroscience and Psychology

Research Categories:

  • Neurodegenerative Diseases and Neural Injury
  • Neurogenetics


Why Did You Choose MN?

I was looking for a school that wasn’t afraid to push boundaries, was doing a variety of impactful research, and had a supportive atmosphere with great camaraderie among the students.

Student Mentor And the Best Advice They Gave:

Cook:  The classes will be a lot (of work), but just keep pushing through, because everyone else is in the same position.

Favorite Itasca Memory:

1) Hanging with my cohort in general 2) the meteor shower 3) paddle board raft creation.


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