Student Board

What the Student Board does for GPN Students:

The primary function of the GPN Student Board is to act as a communication conduit and information source for GPN students to help keep them informed on important issues and to organize student initiatives. One student representative from each graduate class is elected to the Board, allowing for efficient communication of information throughout the GPN student body. The Board meets monthly to discuss current issues and initiatives, where it discusses issues brought up by GPN Students, the DGS or others. Depending on the issue and its importance, an appropriate course of action is decided and acted upon. Some of the types of issues the Board discusses include student-originated initiatives, issues that potentially affect many or all GPN students and student involvement in major GPN activities (i.e., the Campus Visit). When appropriate, Board members request suggestions, opinions, and feedback from their respective classmates.

The Board also works closely with other GPN committees to endorse and publicize events throughout the year including the GPN Mentorship Committee for first year students and other social events.

What to do if you have an issue for discussion:

Regardless of whether you have an idea or proposal for a new program/initiative or you are struggling with a problem, the first step should be engaging the Board by contacting your class' Board representative. They will meet with you, gather information or help you in prepare a proposal and can assist you in presenting your ideas/issues to the Board. You may remain anonymous when raising an issue (i.e., your Board representative will not share your name with the other Board members or faculty).


Recent student-originated initiatives sponsored by the GPN Student Board:

Recent Student Board events include:

  • Brains & Beers
  • Annual Apple Orchard Visit
  • MNUFC Tailgating Event and Group Ticket Purchase

Current Student Board efforts include:

  • A student-made handbook containing pertinent and under-disclosed information for GPN students
  • Annual All-Student Meeting