Ed Overstreet

Ph.D. 2000

Thesis Title:

Basilar Membrane Mechanics of the Developing Mammilian Cochlea

Current Position:

President, Overstreet Consulting

Major Advisor(s):

Mario Ruggero   

Selected Publications:

  • Overstreet, EH, Richter, CP, Temchin, AN, Cheatham, MA, & Ruggero, MA. (2003) High-frequency sensitivity of the mature gerbil cochlea and its development. Audiology and Neurotology. (8) 19-27.
  • Overstreet, EH III, Temchin, AN, & Ruggero, MA. (2002) Passive basilar membrane vibrations in gerbil neonates: mechanical bases of cochlear maturation. Journal of Physiology. (545.1) 279-288.
  • Overstreet, EH, Temchin, AN, & Ruggero, MA. (2002). Basilar membrane vibrations near the round window of the gerbil cochlea. J. of the Assoc. for Research in Otolaryngology. (3) 351-361.
  • Overstreet EH 3rd, Ruggero MA. (2002) Development of wide-band middle ear transmission in the Mongolian gerbil. J Acoust Soc Am. 111:261-270.
Ed Overstreet