Science Policy

Job description
Science policy professionals serve to bridge the gap between policy and science by communicating the results and implications of scientific research. This career path is diverse, which allows them to work on various settings, paces and environments. One option is to work in government, in either legislative or executive branches, informing lawmakers and political personnel about scientific research that can influence global and national decisions. Another option is to work in the private and non-private sectors as a technical expert in fields such as healthcare, energy, education, and environmental issues.

Clear and succinct written and oral communication
Knowledgeable in various scientific disciplines aside from one's’ own area of expertise
Ability to work in fast-paced environment
Types of Positions
Global Director
Associate Director
Senior Science Adviser
Resource Specialist
Regulatory Analyst
White House: Office of Science Technology and Policy
World Health Organization
National Institute of Health (NIH): Office of Science Policy and Planning
National Center for Health and Research
American Association for Advancement of Science
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
American Psychology Association
First Steps
Volunteering: volunteering with local government officials or lobbyist will provide excellent experience and build the connections needed to get into science policy.
Internships/fellowships: there are many positions in D.C. available for PhDs to work on the hill to start their careers in science policy. See below for some examples.
Networking: talking with members of the Humphrey School or local government will provide valuable information and connections for science policy.
Twin Cities Companies:
Most jobs are based in D.C.
UMN Resources
Humphrey School of Public Affairs

External Resources
American Association for Advancement of Science (AAAS) Fellowships:
1)    AAAS Congressional Fellowship Program
2)    AAAS Diplomacy Fellowship Program
3)    AAAS Science and Technology Fellowship Program
National Academies Fellowship
Christine Mirzayan Science and Technology Policy Fellowship (12 Weeks)
Society of Neuroscience
U.S. Department of State
Presidential Management Fellows Program
Robert Wood Johnson Foundation
Robert Wood Johnson Health Policy Fellowship (1 year)