Data Science

Job Description
Data science involves the extraction, organization, and analysis of large data sets. This can be applied to a huge variety of fields and big data scientists are employed in a many different industries. PhDs who enjoy computer coding, data analysis, and problem solving will feel at home as data scientists. Data science has grown quickly and the skills are highly transferable. Because of the high demand for data scientists, competitive programs to get ‘certified’ for data science have sprung up across the country. This can be a great way to get your foot in the door, as the stronger programs have close to 100% of graduates get jobs after completing the program.  Hours range from 40-60 hours a week, starting salaries can get as high as $100k per year.

Computer coding
Problem solving
Critical thinking

Types of Positions
Data scientist
Data scientist manager

Too diverse to list

First Steps
Teach Yourself Coding: lots of online resources for learning how to code. Python is a good place to start.
Coding/Statistics Experience: having experience coding for and analyzing large data sets is a must. If you do not work with these regularly in your research, find opportunities to do so in a post-doc or with a collaboration.
Fellowships/Training Programs: there are many programs around the country that offer data science training for PhDs. Well-recognized programs have a high rate of job acquisition in data science after completion.
Twin Cities Employers
Active Soft, Inc.
VALERE Consulting
& many many more

UMN Resources
Data Science Coursework
Minnesota Supercomputing Institute Training
External Resources
Fellowship Programs