Andrea Maxwell

Entering Class - 2021

E-MAIL:  [email protected]

Undergraduate Institution and Major:

University of Michigan - Ann Arbor, B.S. in Neuroscience and Psychology, 2017

Graduate Advisor:

Anna Zilverstand, Ph.D., Department of Psychiatry



  • Maxwell, A. M., Brucar, L. R., & Zilverstand, A. (2023). A Systematic Review of Sex/Gender Differences in the Multi-dimensional Neurobiological Mechanisms in Addiction and Their Relevance to Impulsivity. Current Addiction Reports, 10(4), 770-792.

  • Niklason GR, Rawls E, Ma S, Kummerfeld E, Maxwell AM, Brucar LR, Drossel G, Zilverstand A. Explainable machine learning analysis reveals sex and gender differences in the phenotypic and neurobiological markers of Cannabis Use Disorder. Sci Rep. 2022 Sep 17;12(1):15624.

  • Maxwell AM, Harrison K, Rawls E, Zilverstand A. Gender differences in the psychosocial determinants underlying the onset and maintenance of alcohol use disorder. Front Neurosci. 2022 Mar 14;16:808776.

  • Maxwell AM, Rao RB. Perinatal iron deficiency as an early risk factor for schizophrenia. Nutr Neurosci. 2021;1-10.

  • Steele VR, Maxwell AM. Treating cocaine and opioid use disorder with transcranial magnetic stimulation: A path forward. Pharmacol Biochem Behav. 2021; 209:173240.

  • Gard AM, Maxwell AM, Shaw DS, Mitchell C, Brooks-Gunn J, McLanahan SS, Forbes EE, Monk CS, Hyde LW. Beyond family-level adversities: exploring the developmental timing of neighborhood disadvantage effects on the brain. Dev Sci. 2021;24:e12985.

  • Jennings L, Branson CF, Maxwell AM, Winkelman TNA, Shlafer RJ. Physicians' perspectives on continuity of care for patients involved in the criminal justice system: a qualitative study. PLoS One. 2021;16:e0254578.

Graduate Awards/Honors

NIH/NIAAA 1F30AA030900-01: The role of stress, social support, and brain function on alcohol misuse in women, 2023 - 2027 
Society of Biological Psychiatry Predoctoral Travel Award 2024
Sping and Ying Ngoh Award for Research Independence 2023
Warren and Henrietta Warwick Predoctoral Fellowship; 2022-2023
Student Merit Travel Award – Research Society on Alcoholism 2022
UMN President’s Student Leadership and Service Award 2022 
UMN MSTP Leadership in Diversity Fellowship 2021