GPN Colloquium Series

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 p.m.
Location: NHH 2-101 & Zoom

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.

Spring Semester 2023


Speaker and Topic

Feb. 1

Madhuvanthi Kannan
"Functional studies of visual cortical circuits using targeted multi-population voltage imaging"

Anne Huntemer-Silveira
"Applications of Regionally Specific Spinal Cord Neurons for Spinal Cord Injury Therapeutics"
Advisors: Ann Parr & Lucy Vulchanova

Feb. 8 Ganesh Vasan
"Engineering molecular and optical tools for imaging neural circuit dynamics"
Feb. 15 Gunner Drossel
Advisor: Anna Zilverstand
"Functional neuroimaging of the effects of drug exposure or self-administration in rodents: A systematic review"
Feb. 22 Carli Poisson
Advisor: Ben Saunders
"Collicular inputs excite dopamine and drive cue interactions"

Margaret Stelzner
Advisors: Ben Saunders
"Resolving the role of VTA dopamine and GABA neurons in associative learning"
Mar. 1 Laura Padilla
Advisor: Kathryn Cullen
"Corticalstriatal Network Connectivity Changes in Adolescents with Depression, STB, and NSSI"
Mar. 8 Spring Break - No Colloquium
Mar. 15 Alyssa Soles
Advisors: Harry Orr & Marija Cvetanovic
"Breathing dysfunction in mouse models of Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1"
Mar. 22 Blair Vail
Advisors: Alex Herman & David Darrow
"Naturalistic Pursuit and Avoidance States in Human Intracranial Electrophysiology"

Alex Roman
Advisor: Walter Low
Mar. 29 Luna Kettlewell
Advisor: Gordon Smith
"Spatiotemporal Propagation in Spontaneous Activity of Neonatal Visual Cortex "

Lizzie Souter
Advisor: Julia Lemos
Apr. 5 Sarah Mulloy
Advisor: Anna Lee
"Cell-type activation of the Mesopontine tegmentum by acute and chronic alcohol exposure"
Apr. 12 Emily Lecy
Advisors: Colum MacKinnon & Matt Johnson
"Computational models of Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease"

Sam Montoya
Advisors: Michael-Paul Schallmo & Steve Engel
"Visual Perception in Visual Snow Syndrome"
Apr. 19 Lauren Glassburn
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson

Jessica Froula
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson
Apr. 26
Megan Brickner
Advisors: Ben Saunders & Mark Thomas

Adrina Kocharian
Advisors: Patrick Rothwell & David Redish
May 3 Julianna Goenaga
Advisors: Alfonso Araque and Paul Mermelstein
"Estrogen Signaling in Hippocampus Astrocytes"
May 10 Kristina Fredriksen
Advisor: Ling Li
"Estrogen Signaling in Hippocampus Astrocytes"

Shayne Hastings
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson
"Influence of fastigial output channels on rodent behavior"

Fall Semester 2022



Speaker and Topic

Sep. 21

Helen Vuong
"Towards understanding the role of the microbiome in nervous system development and behaviors"

Rachel Dick
Advisor: Patrick Rothwell
"Functional, structural, and computational consequences of NMDA receptor ablation at medial prefrontal cortex synapses"

Sep. 28

Lauren Slosky
"Modulation of dopamine-associated behaviors by a biased allosteric modulator of neurotensin receptor 1"

Haleigh Mulholland
Advisor:Gordon Smith
"Cortical network interactions in the developing visual system"

Oct. 5 American Legion Brain Sciences Awards
Oct. 12 Sam Brunson
Advisor: Matt Chafee
"Collective dynamics in a cognitive control task"

Gordon Smith
Oct. 19 Jackson Scheib
Advisor: Aaron Kerlin
"Dendrites and motor learning"
Oct. 26 Blair Vail
Advisors: Alexander Herman and David Darrow
"Encoding of naturalistic reward and threat in a prefrontal-limbic network in human intracranial electrophysiology"

Christina Pacak
Nov. 2 Jacob Gable
Advisor: Aaron Kerlin
"Identifying synaptic input patterns in premotor cortex during sensorimotor learning."

Harald Junge
"A Frizzled4-LRP5 Agonist Promotes Blood-Retina Barrier Function by Mimicking the Transcriptional Response to Norrin"
Nov. 9 Andi Maxwell
Advisor: Anna Zilverstand
"Sex and Gender Differences in Alcohol Use"

Madison Merfeld
Advisor: Nicola Grissom
"Sex and 16p11.2 hemideletion - impacts on striatal dopamine"
Nov. 16 David Maisson
Advisors: Jan Zimmermann & Ben Hayden

Angel White
Advisor: Rocio Gomez-Pastor
Nov. 23 Thanksgiving
Nov. 30 Ellie Sachse
Advisor: Alik Widge
"Optogenetic Deep Brain Stimulation to enhance behavioral flexibility"

Daniel Mendez
Advisor: Thomas Bastian
 "Effects and Treatments on Hippocampal Mitochondrial Quality Control Mechanisms in Early Life Iron Deficiency"
Dec. 7 Bayardo Garay
Advisor: Rita Perlingeiro
"In vitro modeling of Duchenne muscular dystrophy"

Joe Emerson
Advisors: Cheryl Olman & Audrey Sederberg
 "Mechanisms of the Orientation Tilt Illusion"
Dec. 14 Eric Mitten
Advisor: Kevin Wickman
 "Plasticity in GABAergic signaling in VTA GABA neurons following chronic ethanol exposure"

Taylor Brown
Advisor: Rocio Gomez-Pastor
"Astrocytes in HD"