GPN Colloquium Series

Time: 12:00 pm - 1:00 p.m. 
Location: JacH 2-137/MoosT 1-450 & Zoom

Colloquia time and location remain the same unless otherwise noted below.

Fall Semester 2023


Speaker and Topic

Sep. 20 JacH 2-137Rachel Dick 
Advisor: Patrick Rothwell 
"Functional, structural, and computational consequences of NMDA receptor ablation at medial prefrontal cortex synapses"
Sep. 27 JacH 2-137Michael Lee
"Neurodegeneration in mouse models of Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease: Missing link in disease modifying therapies"
Oct. 4 JacH 2-137Andi Maxwell 
Advisor: Anna Zilverstand 
"Sex/Gender Differences in Substance Use Disorders: A Review of Human Neuroimaging Research
Oct. 11 JacH 2-137Ross Pelzel
Advisor: Rocio Gomez-Pastor

Jacob Gable 
Advisor: Aaron Kerlin 
"Identifying synaptic inputs patterns in premotor cortex critical to sensorimotor control." 
Oct. 18 JacH 2-137

Nick Rozema
Advisor: Rocio Gomez-Pastor 
"Molecular and functional implications of thalamo-striatal synapse regulation in learning and memory"

Blair Vail 
Advisors: Alexander Herman and David Darrow 
"Characterizing Reward Pursuit and Threat Avoidance with Human Intracranial Electrophysiology" 

Oct. 25 JacH 2-137

Allison Chang
Advisor: Ling Li
"Interaction between Mitochondrial Lipidomic Dynamics and APOE Isoform in Alzheimer's Disease-Related Tauopathies" 

Sam Brunson
Advisor: Matthew Chafee
"Cognitive representations in nonhuman primates performing a cognitive control task relevant to schizophrenia

Nov. 1 TBDDEI Event
Nov. 8 MoosT 1-450Angel White
Advisor: Rocio Gomez-Pastor
"Convergent mechanisms of neurodegeneration between Huntington’s disease and other tauopathies" 
Nov. 15 MoosT 1-450Karianne Sretavan Wong 
Advisors: Matt Johnson & Noam Harel 
"Pathway elucidation of ventral capsule/ventral striatum deep brain stimulation for obsessive-compulsive disorder

Daniel Mendez
Advisor: Thomas Bastian
"Effects of EarlyLife Iron Deficiency and Treatments on Hippocampal Mitochondria"
Nov. 22Thanksgiving
Nov. 29 MoosT 1-450

Brianna Dailey-Krempel 
Advisors: Lucy Vulchanova & John Osborn
 "Renal afferent input to central autonomic blood pressure centers"

Ellie Sachse 
Advisor: Alik Widge 
"Opto-DBS and Evoked-Response Potentials

Dec. 6 MoosT 1-450Jackson Scheib 
Advisor: Aaron Kerlin
"The role of dendrititc spikes in motor learning

Joe Emerson 
Advisors: Cheryl Olman & Audrey Sederberg 
 "Contextual Modulation of BOLD Laminar Profiles in V1"
Dec. 13 MoosT 1-450Eric Mitten 
Advisor: Kevin Wickman 
 "Plasticity of GABAergic signaling in VTA GABA neurons following chronic ethanol vapor exposure

Julianna Goenaga
Advisors: Alfonso Araque and Paul Mermelstein
"Estrogen Signaling in Hippocampal Astrocytes"

Spring Semester 2023


Speaker and Topic

Feb. 1Madhuvanthi Kannan 
"Functional studies of visual cortical circuits using targeted multi-population voltage imaging" 

Anne Huntemer-Silveira 
"Applications of Regionally Specific Spinal Cord Neurons for Spinal Cord Injury Therapeutics" 
Advisors: Ann Parr & Lucy Vulchanova
Feb. 8Ganesh Vasan 
"Engineering molecular and optical tools for imaging neural circuit dynamics"
Feb. 15Gunner Drossel 
Advisor: Anna Zilverstand 
"Functional neuroimaging of the effects of drug exposure or self-administration in rodents: A systematic review"
Feb. 22Carli Poisson 
Advisor: Ben Saunders 
"Collicular inputs excite dopamine and drive cue interactions" 

Margaret Stelzner 
Advisors: Ben Saunders 
"Resolving the role of VTA dopamine and GABA neurons in associative learning"
Mar. 1Laura Padilla 
Advisor: Kathryn Cullen 
"Corticalstriatal Network Connectivity Changes in Adolescents with Depression, STB, and NSSI"
Mar. 8Spring Break - No Colloquium
Mar. 15Alyssa Soles 
Advisors: Harry Orr & Marija Cvetanovic 
"Breathing dysfunction in mouse models of Spinocerebellar ataxia type 1"
Mar. 22Alex Roman 
Advisor: Walter Low 
"AAV9-NeuroD1 reprogramming platform for functional restoration after spinal cord injury in rats"
Mar. 29Luna Kettlewell 
Advisor: Gordon Smith 
"Spatiotemporal Propagation in Spontaneous Activity of Neonatal Visual Cortex " 

Lizzie Souter 
Advisor: Julia Lemos 
"Modulation of Ventral Pallidum Arkypallidal Neuron Activity by Corticotropin Releasing Factor (CRF) Signaling"
Apr. 5No Colloquium
Apr. 12Emily Lecy 
Advisors: Colum MacKinnon & Matt Johnson 
"Computational models of Pallidal Deep Brain Stimulation in Parkinson's Disease" 

Sam Montoya 
Advisors: Michael-Paul Schallmo & Steve Engel 
"Visual Perception in Visual Snow Syndrome"
Apr. 19Lauren Glassburn 
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson 

Jessica Froula 
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson 
Apr. 26 
Megan Brickner 
Advisors: Ben Saunders & Mark Thomas 

Sarah Mulloy 
Advisor: Anna Lee 
"Cell-type activation of the Mesopontine tegmentum by acute and chronic alcohol exposure"
May 3No Colloquium
May 10Kristina Fredriksen 
Advisor: Ling Li 
"Ameliorating APOE4-related dysfunction in Alzheimer's disease using human induced pluripotent stem cell (iPSC)-derived models" 

Shayne Hastings 
Advisor: Esther Krook-Magnuson 
"Influence of fastigial output channels on rodent behavior"
May 24

Hye Yoon Park

"Watching single endogenous mRNA in neurons in vivo"